The Aesthetics of Terror at The Chelsea Art Museum Cancelled

September 25, 2008 · Print This Article


Art Fag City has just broke the news that The Chelsea Art Museum has cancelled their show The Aesthetics of Terror. According to the site, artists were informed yesterday of Dorothea Kesser’s decision stating that she felt the show “glorified terrorism and showed disrespect for its victims.”

Here is the roster of who was going to participate:

Josh Azzarella
Daniel Bejar
William Betts
Blue Noses
Jake + Dinos Chapman
Zoya Cherkassky
Jeanette Doyle
Harun Farocki
Coco Fusco
Johan Grimonprez
Kent Henrickssen
Jenny Holzer
Fransje Killaars
Jon Kessler
Yitzik Livneh
Naeem Mohaiemen
Claude Moller
Richard Mosse
Yves Netzhammer
Miguel Palma
Cristi Pogacean
David Reeb
Roee Rosen
Martha Rosler
Stephan Shanabrook
Ivana Spinelli
Avdey Ter-Oganyan
Jan Tichy
Sharif Waked
Catherine Yass

One thought on “The Aesthetics of Terror at The Chelsea Art Museum Cancelled”

  1. What an outrage!!! I am very curious to know how the cancellation came about. Given the fact that the Chelsea Art Museum is not a gigantic institution, I assume the director knew very well the details of the project, which I hear was about two years in the making. So, what made her decide to cancel it now? I wonder who was funding the exhibit and what pressure did they exert onto the director? As a curator and someone who thinks about issues relating to visual culture and the aestheticization of violence, I was looking forward to this exhibit and the accompanying catalog. Just as the ICP exhibition of the photographs depicting torture at Abu Ghraib sparked an intellectual conversation on the nature of the imagery, so too would have this exhibit at the Chelsea Art Museum. I hope people raise hell over this issue…. what should we do?

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