The Art news cycle is not always constant and in the down times you might want to catch up on new or undiscovered music which in today’s climate is seemingly harder then ever. There are many sites though that offer help in different ways to get you in the same virtual place as artists you might like. So for a end of the work week reward to yourself check out one of these great sies and see what you can uncover. Please add your favorite sites that we haven’t mentioned in the comments below.

Coverville is a almost daily podcast of established music in new and often very unexpected ways.

It is hosted by Brian Ibbott and gives you focused or themed batches of new music mixed with trivia in ways you will be hard pressed to find anywhere else. Defenetly worth a look.

The Sixty One
The Sixty One is a website designed to encourage the discovery and promotion of new artists (and increasingly tech savvy established artists like NIN’s Trent Reznor) by having full length songs organized by genre and vote able in a digg like fashion to enable the group to promote the best works and the visitor to find people of similar tastes to discover new artists.

Throw in a small game mechanism for fun and you have a site you can lose hours on.

Musicovery is something all together different. It enables you to pick a mood and tempo then subdivide it by genre, time period and finally between new or established to give an interesting if not unexpected result of suggested music.

With links to iTunes or Amazons DRM free music store you can quickly discover and get music to go.


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