Outside the Loop Radio Interviews BaS

June 29, 2008 · Print This Article

Outside the Loop

Outside the Loop Radio which reportedly broadcasts from it’s (for our benefit) 100-watt artsy-fartsy radio station took time to interview Richard and DMac and ask about the birth and direction of Bad at Sports. If you want to listen to the entire episode click here for the direct link.

Duncan & Richard appear at 6 min 20 seconds into the show. Richard geeks out over audio tech, Duncan tells the back story with eloquence. They both have a jaw drop moment when the hosts ask how you could get hate mail doing a art audio program.

Check it out.

3 thoughts on “Outside the Loop Radio Interviews BaS”

  1. coyle says:

    nicely done gentlemen

  2. Cool! Good job guys. In only a few words you gave a good idea as to why BaS is entertaining. The “hatemail” qusetion was indeed amusing. I would have been dumbfounded. You gave a good answer. It was nice that they sound-bit (‘sound-bited’? ‘took a sound-bite from’ ?) us Suissos.

  3. duncan. says:

    Thanks guys!


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