Hey Norway it is me, Asshat.

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isnt it nice?

isn’t it nice?

Have you ever wanted to yell out over a valley and a village? To just let them know your alive and harsh their day? Well you still can and all you need is a phone.

From Unsworn Industries…
Telemegaphone Dale stands seven meters tall on top of the Bergskletten mountain overlooking the idyllic Dalsfjord in Western Norway.

When you dial the Telemegaphone’s phone number the sound of your voice is projected out across the fjord, the valley and the village of Dale below. PH: +4790369389

Check it out here… http://www.unsworn.org/telemegaphone/

5 thoughts on “Hey Norway it is me, Asshat.”

  1. dannl says:

    “hey norway, ‘your’ is possessive!”

  2. duncan says:



  3. Hey, send me money and I’ll do it for you personally in Switzerland.
    I can lean out the window and shout out in the mountains over vallies and villages.
    I could spit down on Germany and Austria from here, but that’s another service.

  4. Richard says:

    Hey Mark,

    How much to spit on Austria?


  5. Jeez — that’s “valleys” —I’m the king of shitty typists who never uses the wonderful correction feature your web wizard Chris H installed. I also have one of those cordless keyboards and mouse, and I type to fast for it! No kidding. Maybe I should play that up and get famous like Tracey Emins, neo-naive quasi-conceptual art.

    I’ll spit on Germany for free. For Austria, you have to buy me a drink when I’m in Chicago in a couple of weeks.

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