Episode 174: Lawrence Rinder

December 28, 2008 · Print This Article

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This week Patricia and Brian chat with Lawrence Rinder, currently the director of the Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive. Previously he was the Dean at California College of the Arts, curated for the Whitney Museum of American Art, and founded the Wattis Institute for Contemporary Art at CCA. He has curated numerous exhibitions including the 2002 Whitney Bienial. In this conversation, they discuss BAMPHA’s new building, arts education, the future of the museum, and the Bay Area art community. At the end Larry agrees to come back on the show in the future to discuss all the curatorial projects in his past thay didn’t have time to discuss.
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5 thoughts on “Episode 174: Lawrence Rinder”

  1. Hi Larry!

    Great interview, guys. You really have a “catch” there in getting Larry back to the Bay area. He is one of the best curator/director people around, and was the best at the Whitney for ages. I’m jealous — we could use him in Switzerland. Can I steal you Larry?

    By the way, the small changes you made in the architecture sound very astute. The future sounds very exciting for BAMPFA. Happy New Year!

  2. Tim Porges says:

    I may have missed something — I had to jump in and out of the interview, and will have to hear it again — but was there any mention of Berkeley’s plans for the OLD museum building? I know lots of people don’t like it, but it’s really kind of remarkable, and in some ways best of period, and it would be an interesting challenge to figure out ways to save and reuse it. So what does UC have in mind — a quick teardown to limit their seismic exposure? That being the case, are there plans for some kind of final show; a sort of stand-up wake for the old space?

  3. pedrovel says:

    Larry gave the US territories, the ones New York keeps tagging “Latin American” or “marginal,” representation at the Whitney and that was/is a great thing.

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