Episode 163: San Francisco Fall 2008

October 12, 2008 · Print This Article

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San Francisco Fall Review Freak Out

San Francisco is haunted by illusions of Sarah Palin, icebergs, and the Wicked Witch of the West! This week, Brian and Patricia sit down with guest critic Clare Haggarty to discuss the new fall gallery
openings. Unfortunately, the political and economic Zeitgeist invades their thinking as they digress into conversations of conceptual economics, election politics, and The Wizard of Oz.

Galleries reviewed include the Wattis Institute for Contemporary Art, Ampersand International Arts, Ping Pong, New Langton, Ratio 3, Marx & Zavattero, Jack Hanley, Haines Gallery, Southern Exposure, Queens Nails Projects, and more!
Sarah Palin
The Met
Clare Haggarty
Richmond Art Center
The New Yorker
Damien Hirst
Francis Bacon
The Wire
Jens Hoffman
Around the World In 80 Days
Jules Verne
The Wizard of OZ
Felix Gonzalez-Torres
Center for Tactical Magic
Alice Waters
Arts Commission
Buckminster Fuller
Ellen Babcock
Charlie Callahan
Frederic Edwin Church
Tina Fey
James Heartfield
Ratio 3
Lydia Fong
Barry McGee
Outsidelands Music Festival
David Maisel
Haines Gallery
Dark Matters
The Colony Room
Tom Marioni
Erwin Wurm
New Langton
Anne Colvin
Tony Labat
Queen’s Nails
Mark Sanchez
Spencer Sweeney
Jack Hanley
Sean Odell
Conspiracy of Beards
Ornette Coleman
Tyson and Scott Reeder
Walter McBean Gallery
Kerry James Marshall

18 thoughts on “Episode 163: San Francisco Fall 2008”

  1. Balzac says:

    Nice use of Rudy Valee.

  2. MSB says:

    Hey Balzee Babee,
    Why don-t you come incognito to this tomorrow. I’d like to met you, even if I don’t know your true identity, Bruce Wayne. http://www.sharkforum.org/2008/09/euroshark-in-chicago-and-champ.html

  3. artlistener says:

    Hello, love the podcast, but if i never heard the intro jibber-jabber again, i wouldn’t miss it. i’ve got loads of sarcastic common wisdom at the actual bars i go to, so for a podcast, i think a little bit of editing would help a lot, in my opinion.

  4. sandy says:

    I just finished listening to this podcast and I think that your comments about the financial crisis and the art market were naive and misinformed, punctuated by a lot of wishful thinking. I really like this podcast a lot but frankly Brian and Claire Haggarty aren’t qualified to comment on this subject. (sorry!!)
    It would be great if you could find a real expert on how the art market works, (an art economist!!) and do something more in depth with real facts…sort of like what This American Life has done on their podcast about the financial crisis because frankly this is a subject that is likely to affect every single one of us.

  5. sandy says:

    PS the price of a Warhol can decrease in value! Everyone said the same about the housing market. Also Half of the work at the recent auction of Contemporary Asian Art did not even sell.

  6. Mathew Margolis says:

    “Life styles” was mentioned. Art to discover new life styles. Born from a curatorial curiosity? I wanna know… What are the existing categories of life styles today? This sounds like life choices including an aesthetic dimension. I wanna fleshing out of this topic.

  7. Art Listener,

    Sorry your are stuck with the jibber-jabber, it makes it fun for us. Fast forward through it if you don’t like it. It is occasionally informative, and even more occasionally funny.

    Thanks for the feedback.

  8. You are, sheesh can we do anything without a typo? Apparently not!

  9. What a difference a couple of weeks makes. We recorded this right after the VP Debate, hence all the Palin-oia. At that time the financial crisis had not spread to Asia and Europe, Damian Hirst just had his record breaking auction and the blue chip art market was smoking. Now- not so much.

    I am most definately not an Art-Economist. I believe any artwork is basically worth a couple of grand plus the cost of production- everything else is just commodity speculation. That economist would need some strong theories to convince me otherwise.

  10. sandy says:

    oh brother, sounds like you have a bad case of “I know what I like and i like what I know”. I find your attitude so frustrating, you believe that this market has nothing to do with you? thats just crazy, ok keep hiding your head in the sand.

    How are you ever going to win if you dont understand how to play the game

  11. Balzac says:


    Enlighten us!


  12. Sandy says:

    too scary maybe

  13. Michael Workman says:

    Seems like Sandy wants to hear more than the same recent kind of “academese” conservative pile she’s been hearing out of BAS and just doesn’t want to bother deflecting attacks for having an opinion about it. I agree so far as that point, and moreover sense that this enterprise has drifted to a more seemly and ungainly purpose than I recall as an early fan.

  14. Whatevs says:

    thas da Pot calling da kettle, mikey.

  15. duncan. says:

    Wait. What the hell is that supposed to mean Michael? What did you call us? Wait… Are those fighting words? … was that supposed to be and insult… I’m confused… ungainly…


    Most of the people we have talked with are in “wait and see” mode. No one knows what will happen. If luxury goods “go out the window” then art will too but no one we have spoken with will go on the record about it, there are still too many unknowns for people to really speculate in public. The people we have tried to get to speak to you about it include artists, dealers and economists. Ed Winkleman comes the closest and touches upon it in an upcoming episode. So stay tuned. (it should run in two or three weeks and is awesome.)


  16. Sandy-

    I would really like to hear your opinion on this. You seem to be directly conflating the critiques of the artwork with market activity, which to me are separate, but related, conversations. I’m curious about how you perceive that relationship.

    BTW posting your ideas might be “scary”, but if you are going to participate in a forum and critique, you should be prepared to stand up for your own content too.


  17. Michael Workman says:

    So long as it’s “content” we’re standing up for, I suggest Sandy remain silent.

    Yo Duncan. Calm down. Breathe in, breathe out. That’s what breathing’s all about.

    I started saying “Yes we did.” And immediately felt like an asshole. So.


  18. Michael-

    So you think when someone criticizes something they don’t have to justify what they say? That sounds very swift-boat to me.


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