Episode 157: Ivan Brunetti

August 31, 2008 · Print This Article

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Bad at Sports Comic

First, Duncan sleepily laments about Richard waking him up at 1 in the afternoon, as this is “early” in McKenzie.

Next: FIGHT NIGHT IS ON PEOPLE!!!! Start training now. Bad at Sports calls dibs on Tony Fitzpatrick to be our collective trainer, you can’t have him.

THEN the main event: This week Anna Kunz drops in to aid Duncan in interviewing Ivan Brunetti about his works (Misery Loves Comedy, Haw, Schizo…) and the collections that he has been publishing with Yale University Press (An Anthology of Graphic Fiction, Cartoons, and True Stories:Volume 1 and 2.)

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12 thoughts on “Episode 157: Ivan Brunetti”

  1. Richard says:

    I so totally want to take Mr. Brunetti’s class on comics. Why didn’t they have stuff this cool when I was in school. Dammit.

  2. The students still demand such classes in most art academies — but in fact, strangely enough, most school “leadership” resists “sequential art”/comics. I know many school directors personally, many of whom have supported my work, have asked me to teach art history, painting even installation art — and when I add that comics/storyboarding/seq art would be good too, they “huff” it off — especially Germans but even many Americans still can’t see it as art. It is fuzzywiddle animals to them. Elitarism from those who often have almost no technical ability themselves. The bastard pair of patron devils, elitarism and de-skilling still rule most art schools and did when both you and I were in them, Richard.

  3. coyle says:

    what the hell’s the twitter system?

  4. Richard says:

    Now the BAS team can text their pithy comments to the website while on the go. It is something our tech genius Chris came up with.

  5. Just listened to it completely. Great job guys! Welcome Anna (nice last name too — that’s my wife’s name too, pronounced “koo-ents” in Swissgerman — is a bit difficult in English though).

    Duncan and Anna did a great job. I have long enjoyed Ivan’s work, but found him a wonderful interviewee. One of my favorite shows on BaS! He is so self-critical amd so delightfully aware of the history of his approach (Frank King is one of my faves), so articulate in an enjoyable fashion. I always thought he was an angry guy! If we could get “fine” artists to be as critical (in all senses) of the artworld, as knowledgeable of history and sas engaged with technical, personal and content-matters as Ivan, we would live in a far far better (art)world.

  6. browdah says:

    Duncan and Anna, friggin awesome interview. Duncan and Richard…I give you complete license to ask Anna to replace me. She rules.

  7. Pooper says:

    that was really nice.
    good job you guys.

  8. J. Tallarico says:

    Nice Interview. Comics are labor intensive, It’s nice to hear him talk about early work and process.

  9. coyle says:

    how was opening nite in chicago? will there be coverage?

  10. duncan. says:

    Yes, wait till tomorrow but I’m not sure you would call it coverage.

  11. Christopher says:

    I am editing the video now and would whole heartedly agree it is far far from this word “coverage”, but as with all things art it is better then nothing and on a zero budget.

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