Episode 132: Review-arama: SF vs. Chi – a showdown – a throw down

March 9, 2008 · Print This Article

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This week the show is Co-hosted by Lori Waxman, recorded live in coffee shop on a Saturday night during dinner.

She and Duncan check out what is going on in the Chicago Alternative spaces. San Francisco beats down Eli Broad/LACMA and it turns out Marc LeBlanc is part of the oppressive white male hegemony.

Ah, Bad at Sports is “sweet as pie.” Let the hate mail flow freely.

Philip von Zweck
Whitney Biennial
Deb Sokolow
Washington Post
Greenbrier Resort
Lisa Boyle
Western Exhibitions
Eric Lebofsky
Steven Husby
Sarah Lobb
Fraction Workspace
Monique Meloche
Cindy Loehr
Roots and Culture
Ryan Fenchel
Brendan Meara
Jeff Koons
Barbara Kruger
Andy Warhol
Damien Hirst
Jenny Holzer
Cindy Sherman
Richard Serra
Roy Lichtenstein
John Baldessari
Chris Burden
Robert Irwin
The Guggenheim
The Met
Dia Beacon
Gilbert and George
The Tate
The Brooklyn Museum
James Turrell
Gus Van Sant
New Langton Arts
San Francisco Arts Commissions Gallery
Eve Fowler
Jen Smith
Zoe Crosher
Catherine Opie
Hillary Clinton

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57 thoughts on “Episode 132: Review-arama: SF vs. Chi – a showdown – a throw down”

  1. amytalluto says:

    did someone say “wasabi snorting” party?

  2. David Roth says:

    when Duncan’s doing it it’s always a party. Duncan and Steve-O, that is.

  3. Scott Speh says:

    Hey Richard,

    Can we get a beer instead? And I apologize to you for the cursing.

    Otherwise, when people start talking about my anus (when I am obviously much more of dick man), I am outta here! Have fun here on these interwebs……good times!

  4. Richard says:

    Beer would be very Wisconsin of us!

    Duncan has been talking about my anus for 3 years and that hasn’t stopped anything.

    Actually now that Amanda is in NYC there has been a lot less anus humor than before.

  5. By the way, I think far more dangerous than drinking and blogging is writing comments in the middle of the night. I often do it, in a white heat, and then later re-read what I have written and cringe a wee bit.

    I too like to think of Speh, MW, BaS, Sharkforum, Wesley, Tony, PV and others (I hope I am helping somewhat too) here as part of the slow-but-steady solution, not the problem, or even a symptom, and would hate to see any of you self-destruct or bash each other into retreat. I saw it happen many times in Chicago when I lived there. But don’t stay so “civil” that you get all fake nicey-nice, as happens far too often here in Switzerland.

  6. Chris Roberts says:

    Very entertaining responses! I stopped listening to the podcast half-way through and concentrated on reading all the replies.

    Anyway, shouldn’t we be glad that people are attending shows, and creating discussions about them on podcasts, which, in turn, gets alot more people going to see these shows for themselves, and talking about art, etc?

    I am definitely on the low end of the totem pole of Chicago art, but I anxiously await a bad review! That would mean that people are talking about my art.


  7. wwc says:

    In the sweet spirit of love that this thread is full of, let me congrats Richard (I assume) for the lovely Buffy musical music on this episode.

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