Episode 130: Stephanie Smith-Adaptation

February 24, 2008 · Print This Article

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Stephanie Smith

This week Duncan and the always delightful Jeff Ward talk to Stephanie Smith, the Director of Collections and Exhibitions and Curator of Contemporary Art at the Smart Museum in Chicago about the current exhibition Adaptation: Video Installations by Ben-Ner, Herrera, Sullivan, and Sussman & The Rufus Corporation.

Holy guacamole am I sick this week, yuck. One of the joys of having a child in daycare.

Bad at Sports is officially panhandling for a used PC laptop as a donation, or a reasonably priced sale, to us. The IBM T-42 that has handled the last 130+ shows is fatally ill and needs replacement pronto. Please e-mail us at badatsports@gmail.com if you have something fairly recent laying about you would like to get off of your hands! Thanks.

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4 thoughts on “Episode 130: Stephanie Smith-Adaptation”

  1. Hello Bad At Sports,

    Jeff and Duncan, thanks again for coming down to talk about Adaptation. It was a lot of fun; looking forward to the next chat.

    I missed a golden opportunity to mention the online publication that the Smart produced in conjunction with the exhibition: adaptation.uchicago.edu. In addition to the usual catalogue content (interviews with the artists, etc.) you’ll find video clips and new material that will be added over time, including behind-the-scenes photos and short essays by University of Chicago faculty who were invited to respond to the works.

    Also check out the posts from the Snow City Arts Foundation in the “discussion” section (http://adaptation.uchicago.edu/discussion/ or http://www.snowcityarts.com/gallery_adaptation.shtml). My colleague Kristy Peterson worked with SCA on a project in which kids in several local hospitals learned about Guy Ben-Ner’s work and then made their own low-tech adaptive videos. The one based on The Day the Earth Stood Still is just fantastic.

    And to follow up on our conversation about the challenges of installing/viewing time-based works: you’ll also find a viewing schedule with the start times for the videos by Catherine Sullivan and Eve Sussman & The Rufus Corporation (http://adaptation.uchicago.edu/exhibition/overview/).


  2. Ball Zack says:

    Nice episode. Stephanie has a good radio voice, you should have her on to do a guest show.

  3. duncan. says:

    She will be back!

  4. MSB says:

    Yeah — I think, as you threatened, that you should follow up on the other themes with her. I’d also like to complimentStephanie on clearly differentiating between a theme enforced and one discovered. As she pointed out, she didn’t want to “flatten” the artworks by imposing a reading, rather she was looking to point out a pattern or m.o. she discovered already existing, yet not focused on.

    Jeff is fun — you, Jeff, have very good questions and insights, so stop saying “sort of” in every sentence and “no” when you are agreeing with people (say “yes”), it makes you sound insecure and you most definitely need not be so — even your tangental remarks and the way you springboard off certain thoughts are intriguing!

    Now remember to tell me my unconscious tics next time I podcast, as deserved revenge!

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