Chess broken down to the street level

March 15, 2008 · Print This Article

Learn chess in a way you never thought you could….

5 thoughts on “Chess broken down to the street level”

  1. coyle says:

    pandolfini should take a lesson. whats this from?

  2. Hey nice site. Anyways chess tips. To become good one must learn from ones one mistakes And successes. Chess analysis pro 7000 I found very useful in helping my chess development. I’d recommend it. Next keep the pressure on. And learn to hold the tension on the board instead of running out of tension with no advantage gained.

  3. Richard says:

    I wish I had more time to get my chess chops up.

  4. duncan. says:


    The WIRE. watch it. It is awesome.

  5. coyle says:

    ooohhhh. yes, i have the wire on my netflix. this clip seems a little silly though.
    see you in philly—i just booked a room at the hotel for the 5th. good times ahead!

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