Chelsea Art Museum WTF?

September 26, 2008 · Print This Article


Yesterday I posted an entry about the Chelsea Art Museum’s cancellation of their show The Aesthetics of Torture. It now appears that their Chief Curator, Manon Slome has resigned for “personal reasons”. I had originally reported that CAM president Dorothea Kesser had made the decision. After reading the press release the cancellation appears to have been caused by Manon Slome.

Check the press release below:

Chelsea Art Museum
Home of the Miotte Foundation
556 West 22nd Street
New York, NY 10011
Tel: 212.255.0719

Press Release
We regret to inform you that Chelsea Art Museum’s Chief Curator, Manon Slome, resigned this
week for personal reasons. Upon resigning, she unilaterally decided to cancel the exhibition
The Dialectics of Terror (formerly The Aesthetics of Terror) and informed all the participating
artists without prior discussion with Dorothea Keeser, Chelsea Art Museum’s Founder and
President, or any Museum personnel.

Manon Slome and Dorothea Keeser had jointly approved the exhibition catalogue proof,
which was at the printer.

We regret that these events have left the artists in the exhibition in an undesirable situation.
In an effort to move forward, Chelsea Art Museum has begun reviewing applications to fill the
position of Chief Curator. Furthermore, plans are being made to advance the opening date of
a previously planned exhibition, in order to fill the gap in the exhibition calendar.

5 thoughts on “Chelsea Art Museum WTF?”

  1. Martha Rosler says:

    well, so interesting!
    You believed one thing, but now that the museum has told you it was all “personal” on the part of the curator, you are relieved to set the record straight.
    I can only assume your present comment is tongue in cheek?

  2. duncan. says:

    I can only believe that.

    Why would anyone trust what the museum says at this point?

    This screams someone on the board made a “money type” argument and curatorial independence went out the window.

    Then someone needed to be “tossed under the bus” and it was Manon Slome. Along with all those dangerous types who want to think complicatedly about problems facing our nation. Why won’t they just shut the f— up?

    When will you artists learn? Sit in your seat, have nothing to say and behave.

    And Chelsea Art Museum I know an Artist Collective from Chicago who would love to help you talk this through. They talk all the time and are totally ready to show up and talk about your failure to support your people.

    Love from Bad At Sports,

  3. If you could get Slome on the mic — wow! What a morass this “situation” is.

  4. tom sanford says:

    I have worked with Manon several times in the past and she has been a really loyal supporter both through the CAM and recommending me for other opportunities, and I know she was a big supporter of many other young new york artists. I think that the CAM really messed up forcing out a committed and serious curator like Manon. From what i can see, she was about the only thing that place had going for it.

  5. duncan. says:

    My comment here is the reason I am no longer checking the blog on friday nights at two in the morning.

    What my heart intended to say is… This is an incredibly upsetting series of events. Why would any of us trust the museums word on this? It looks like the museum failing to listen it’s artists and curators. What is almost more upsetting is that it looks like they are trying to push the responsibility for their lack of courage on to the curator’s shoulders. Disappointing.

    But what do I know I’m in Chicago? I’ll be there in a couple of weeks if Manon would like to chat about it.


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