Anti-Racism Day PSA

February 12, 2008 · Print This Article

Mark your calenders cause Anti-Racism day is almost upon us. Well, kind of almost it is on March 21st…. Either way, to mark this UN sanctioned holiday the students of Oak Park High School in Winnipeg, Canada made the following PSA. You can read more here

10 Responses to “Anti-Racism Day PSA”

  1. Raw genius.

  2. nice shot of racism’s package

  3. Very well produced, and entertaining.
    Do you think there is any subversive contrarian message in that AntiRacism Girl is obviously of Northern Euro descent, and Racism might be categorized as being of indeterminant, perhaps Asian, descent?

  4. Racism is also shoeless. Obviously, he is destitute, or of a persuasion that shuns conventions of sophisticated western culture.

  5. racism barfs like Linda Blair

  6. My stance with it was always why dislike someone based on skin, faith or nationality when if you just take the time to get to know them you can find so many better reasons to dislike them.
    Racism is just lazy.

  7. I am racism…..quite literally, in this video im the guy in the tight ass leotard puking green shit……this video is also not a high point in my life i sometimes like to pretend it never happened

  8. I think it is brilliant.

  9. Zander's Teacher Says:

    Zander, as you know full well, you didn’t puke the slime, you shot it out of your fingertips. (Puking it would’ve been cool, though. Maybe in the sequel!)
    As for that leotard, what can I say? At least it was for a good cause!
    Down with Racism!
    Mr. P

  10. Ann Onymous Says:

    Down with Racism indeed!

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