Turner Prize 22 Year Retrospective Asks Winners What They Thought

September 12, 2007 · Print This Article

22 Turner Prize winners reflect on the experience.
‘Like being a Holocaust survivor’, ‘All a bit crap’, ‘A homecoming’, ‘Nice for the parents’ – as a retrospective exhibition gathers up the work of
the 22 winners of the Turner prize, Charlotte Higgins asked them all what it was really like to win the world’s best known art award.
In pictures: This year’s contenders

One thought on “Turner Prize 22 Year Retrospective Asks Winners What They Thought”

  1. Caliope says:

    this is like something the Onion would publish.

    “Sales and rentals of adult DVDs are down 30 percent due to the rise in homemade Internet porn. What do you think?

    Simon Stephens,
    ‘That’s the problem with the porn biz. No matter how low your price is for having an entire billiard-ball set shoved up your ass, there’s always some punk waiting in the wings willing to do it for free.’ “

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