Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich down right unfriendly to artists.

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Blagojevich against art Illustration by Christopher HudgensWe have received this a couple of times this week and the more we think about it the more evil it seems. What is up Rod? That seven million is not going to save your sinking popularity and taking funding from artists and arts organizations is just going to alienate another (mostly Chicago) constituency. (As if this crap with th El wasn’t enough Read here) We know who were voting against. And hey why not we are getting our pens out and letting our government know what we think. So should you.

Dear Friend in the Arts,
Governor Rod Blagojevich wants to cut over $7 million (30%) from the 2008 Illinois Art Council (IAC) budget. A chorus of voices is needed to restore state’s investment in the arts and arts education! We must act now to send a powerful message to Governor Rod Blagojevich, Senate President Emil Jones, House Speaker Michael Madigan, and other state lawmakers that the arts are not pork!

The Governor’s FY08 spending plan will significantly reduce the funds available for IAC grant programs, with a devastating impact on the arts statewide. Furthermore, the Governor completely eliminated the Arts and Foreign Language grant program through the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE).

Please tell Governor Blagojevich, senate and house leadership, and your state lawmakers TODAY how essential the arts are to you and your community. The Illinois Arts Alliance has made it extremely easy for you to effectively advocate for the arts. Here is what you can do:

1) Write two e-letters to lawmakers using the talking points provided in the links below.

a. One requesting that funding for the Illinois Arts Council be restored to $23.2 million as proposed by the General Assembly on August 10, 2007

Click Here:

b. The other urging lawmakers to restore funding to the Arts and Foreign Language grant program through the Illinois State Board of Education.

Click Here:

2) Make two phone calls to the numbers listed below expressing your concern with the proposed budget cuts to the arts and urging that funding be fully restored for the Illinois Arts Council and the Illinois State Board of Education’s Arts and Foreign Language grant program.

a) Ginger Ostro
Budget Director for Governors Office of Management and Budget

b) Governor Rod Blagojevich
312-814-2121 (Chicago) OR 217-558-0880 (Springfield)
The Illinois Arts Alliance is moving forward with an aggressive campaign to restore full funding for the Illinois Arts Council and arts and foreign language education funding at the Illinois State
Board of Education. We NEED your help now more than ever before! While the road ahead is rocky, together we can restore full funding for the arts in Illinois!

Should you have any questions or concerns please contact me at 312-855-3105 ext 14 or email

Ra Joy
Executive Director
Illinois Arts Alliance

23 thoughts on “Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich down right unfriendly to artists.”

  1. tony fitzpatrick says:

    What suprises anybody about this?

  2. Balzac says:

    Paul Klein, hear the call, rise up!!!

  3. tony fitzpatrick says:

    You know…. you’d think the local dildo-brigade of art-dealers might pipe -up about this……mice.

  4. Balzac says:

    Someone print Dildo Brigade t-shirts quickly!!!

  5. duncan. says:

    Sweet picture Christopher. If some one makes the artwork for the Dildo Brigade/ BAS “T” I’ll Print them.

  6. Balzac says:

    You can lead the march!

  7. Hudgens says:

    How litteral do you want to go with the dildo brigage imagery? Do we want to reference Chicago directly? What tag line do we want to use in reference to BAS to the big pink brigage?

  8. mkaysen says:

    Has anyone linked the government to the “Arts and Economic Prosperity” study which points out that the Arts actually generate income for the state and local government?? The study was presented @ the beginning of June this year!!! How soon we forget!!


  9. mkaysen says:

    ” * $166 Billion in economic activity nationally generates $2.09 billion in tax revenue. (The arts can no longer be considered a luxury item. It is a thriving and economically robust industry.)”

    Dopes …….

    One could argue that Rod actually CUT tax revenue ……


  10. tony fitzpatrick says:

    The business of culture , is just that; a real business that produces rela and tangible revenues — which are taxed just like everything else — The Art community here has been taking pipe from the local government for so long– I’m sure the Governor didn’t think twice about this. They get away with it because we let them.

    The local dildo-brigade of art-dealers doesn’t fight these fights because it only effects artists– I wonder what would happen if the G decided to shake up their cookie-bags?

  11. Balzac says:

    Put it up on CafePress, I’ll buy 50000000.

  12. Hudgens– it is a thing of beauty!… well done sir!–

    all hail the local dildo brigade!

  13. Chris H! — Genius! Make stickers and plaster that sucker all over Chicago — no, all over the world. Put it up as a sticker on cafe press if they have that and I’ll buy and post 100. No shit.

  14. duncan. says:

    That is totally amazing. IF you make it as a B and W we can bust it out next week. Brian runs the Bas Cafe Press shop. Maybe he can find the time to put it in there.

  15. tony fitzpatrick says:

    Hudgens is a fucking genius……..

  16. tony fitzpatrick says:

    There was a telling observation on ‘BEZ yesterday about the Governors decision to slash funding for the Illinois Art Council…. evidently Blago did this in order to rat-fuck Mike Madigan– his cheif political rival for power in this state . Madigan’s wife, consequently, helms the Illinois Art’s Council– so this is merely POLITICS at its most petty and vindictive.

  17. Richard says:

    Nice. RB is a first class jackass as always was…I may be a raving liberal but jeepers that guy sucks

  18. tony fitzpatrick says:

    I always want to ask Blagojevich…What’s with the retard hair-helmet?

  19. Richard says:

    I wear one too.

  20. tony fitzpatrick says:

    If it IS a wig, it’s interesting that that is the wig he chose to buy…. maybe the wig-store was all out of the Moe Howard model….

  21. Richard says:

    Moe Howard is an icon.

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