Episode 97: Jack Hanley

July 8, 2007 · Print This Article

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THIS WEEK: Superstar gallerist Jack Hanley is interviewed by Brian and Marc. Our own beloved Mike Benedetto reviews Terry Gilliam’s Tideland and is responsible for the intro to this week’s show. The London bureau’s Christian and Emily talk about lots of gallery shows.

Monty Python
Terry Gilliam
Jack Hanley Gallery
Raymond Pettibon
Chris Ware
Erwin Wurm
Christian Marclay
John Currin
Tyson & Scott Reeder
University of Rhode Island
Princeton University
UC Berkeley
University of Texas
Steven Pippin
Sophie Calle
Karen Kilimnik
Jack Pierson
Olaf Breuning
Gavin Brown
Tony Just
Chris Johanson
Alicia McCarthy
Keegan McHargue
Triple Base Gallery
Yerba Buena Center for the Arts
Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago
Venice Biennial
Mathew Higgs
Matias Faldbakken
Nate Lowman
Christoph Büchel
Hauser & Wirth Coppermill Gallery
steven friedman gallery
Tara Donovan
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20 thoughts on “Episode 97: Jack Hanley”

  1. Richard Holland says:

    Jack is the one on the right in the photo FYI.

  2. Richard says:

    PLEASE NOTE THE HEADLINE FROM PAGE 11 of today’s (July 9th) Sun Times:

    Judge tells “Shark” to stop online attacks.

    Is it about our beloved Wesley?

    No, it is about Joseph “The Shark” Lopez the Chicago Mob’s defense lawyer.

  3. Balzac says:

    As always I like the foreign correspondants, they had interesting things to say, pity London’s sound quality continues to be so lousy as I really do enjoy their reviews.

    When is Mike B. going to get an episode of his very own?

  4. Scott Speh says:

    Great interview with Mr. Hanley — loved hearing about his history, how his musical interests influence the gallery, the freedom he gives his artists, his interest in community and his (seemingly) casual approach to running two (or three) galleries — how fantastic, also, that he’s a hoops fan….here’s to more Sports on Bad at Sports!

    Also appreciate Mr. Andrews disciplined interview style — great job of asking pertinent follow-up questions as well sharing his personal viewpoints without being too intrusive.

    Too bad you’re airing these great interviews (Hanley, Wall, etc.) in the deadest time of the year, when everyone is on vacation or outside…..

  5. Richard says:

    Your sorry butt is inside, maybe there are more like you.

    Hopefully when the students return they can check the archives. There is a drop in listenership over the summer but not a huge drop. Someone’s listening.

  6. Richard says:

    Mike B. is currently under contract for the next run of Dancing With the Stars, so we are awaiting word from his agent.

    Hopefully we can get him on the show more often I am a huge fan.

  7. Mike says:

    The London correspondent was totally pretentious. Normally I don’t have a problem with pretentiousness but he was a pompous ass too. He makes the shark sound intelligent. Come back shark, all is forgiven.

  8. Balzac says:

    Holy shit is it quiet in here or what.

    Quick somebody piss-off Wesley and we can get a row started.

  9. brad farwell says:

    Damnit, people, I too just moved to NYC (I’m amanda’s stalker and Meg’s future-stalker) and so I can’t listen to the new podcast, as I’m stuck in the library using their 30-minute max internet.

    but since i’m in hipster brooklyn, all my posts will be extra-snarky and make up for any summer lull.

  10. ps- whole foods stock is totally undervalued and wesley gets all his food from wild oats, where he totally puts his bare hands in the bulk bins and eats from them directly.

  11. Balzac says:

    While you are in Brooklyn be sure to head over to Williamsburg join a kickball league and get a trucker’s hat, and drink some Old Style in a can for $9.00.

    You’ll be so cool.

  12. Balzac says:

    The Whole Foods CEO should be called out for the jerk that he is.

  13. Richard says:

    People need to vote in the poll! Duncan is the root of all evil.

  14. Daniel says:

    Hey Brian

    Good Job.

  15. Thanks everyone *blush*.

    I guess that what I get from preparing ahead of time.

  16. Richard says:

    I just want to whine about how disappointed I am that no one noted the cleverness of my using Deceptacon in the intro the week the transformers came out.

    F-you guys.

  17. Richard says:

    AND a moog version of hotel california, I’d forgotten that one (edited this show some time ago)!

    Wow that was awful.

  18. Bhu ahl Zuh ack says:

    Wait wait what do you say “Cry me a river”.

    Seriously though, BAS should make a best of the worst of music bits show or cd.

  19. Richard says:

    I’ll cry you an effiing river.

  20. brad farwell says:

    Dude, richard, while we’re talking about music, is there a way guys could include a playlist saying whatever the music is for the shows, ala the names-dropped?? I have to say that i totally frickin’ love the music/whatever it is.

    of course, i also loved the Son-In-Law with Paulie Shore, so perhaps my taste is questionable.

    ps- Ballsack: Trucker hats are *SO* 2003. I mean, c’mon.

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