Episode 89: The Collective Foundation/Miranda July reviewed

May 13, 2007 · Print This Article

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This week Book Reviews and West Coast News! Terri Griffith and Joanna Topor
review Miranda July’s book No One Belongs Here More Than You. Worked in
to the commentary is discussion of the Mackenzie’s sex life and Oprah’s
use of the phrase Vah-Jay-Jay.

Brian Andrews and Marc LeBlanc talk to curator Joseph del Pesco and artist
Scott Oliver about the Collective Foundation.

The Collective Foundation (CF) is a temporary organization. The concept of
curator Joseph del Pesco and artist Scott Oliver, CF relies on the contributions
of numerous people who are working to advance art in the Bay Area. During the
organization’s launch at YBCA, The Foundation will set up temporary headquarters
in our galleries. They will hold think-tank discussions, how-to sessions for
navigating the CF Web interface, and Shotgun Review Second Saturdays where participants
will review as many Bay Area art shows as possible. The furniture for the Foundation’s
headquarters will be borrowed from local individuals, modified for the exhibition,
and returned at the close of the show—a generous illustration of the benefits
of networking. Find out more at www.collectivefoundation.org.

Duncan makes a funny noise at the end of the show.

Miranda July
Joseph del Pesco
Scott Oliver
the Collective Foundation
Philip Von Zweck
Tony Tasset
Gaylen Gerber
Wesley Kimler
Yerba Buena Center for the Arts
Dave EggersBridge
Amy Hempel
Paris Review
Harvard Review
Sundance Film Festival
William Pope.L
Amy Balkin
Josh Green
The Reader
Shotgun Review
Alexander Rodchenko
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24 thoughts on “Episode 89: The Collective Foundation/Miranda July reviewed”

  1. Baul Sack says:

    So where do I see this movie, and now I creepily mull over what goes on behind closed doors at the MacKenzie’s house.

  2. I just love the word ‘Vah-jay-jay’– it just makes me smile.

  3. … it’s so much more acceptable than ‘poon-tang’ or ‘vertical smile’.

  4. ….. or ‘yammie’.

  5. BillDolan says:

    Uh-oh. Here come the euphemisms. 😉

  6. Richard says:

    I’m so happy to see that the high brow discussion continues boldly forth on the blog!

  7. Just check in at Hauser and Wirth Gallery for one of the last works by Jason Rhoades. He had some 1700 plus slang words for vagina in it, each its very own very large neon sign, hanging from the ceiling to fill the space. The wonders artists can create with lots of money behind them.

  8. Baul Sack says:

    Sounds like Jason has some mother issues he needs to work through.

  9. daniel says:

    Where in the WORLD would he get an idea like that??? Oh yeah….rhoades died of heart failure from too much drug intoxication.

  10. Baul Sack says:

    That is sad. Dying in the pursuit of getting f-ed up is a really depressing way to go.

  11. Richard Holland says:

    Holy Crap, where is the chit-chat with this show?

    Has Bad at Sports finally driven away the listenership.

    Is this thing on.

  12. Steve Hamann says:

    I liked the Dead Kennedys song, and the Easy E cover! There, I sorta commented on the show.

  13. Richard Dreyfuss says:

    Mr. Holland asks “Has Bad at Sports finally driven away the listenership?”

    maybe your show has jumped the shark?

    pun intended.

  14. Richard Holland says:

    Maybe. That would imply that we ever had a good period to compare it against which I adamantly deny.

  15. Richard says:


    Will Duncan survive his daredevil motorcycle antics!!!

    Tune in, if you dare.

  16. BillDolan says:

    Where will he be performing? I’d like to watch him, live. Maybe a cheering section would help.

  17. Richard Holland says:

    Pinky Tuscadero will be there.

  18. Brian says:


    If you have seen Miranda July’s film, you know it need to be posted here.

    Strangely enough, Miranda July spoke last night at YBCA in a panel on art an generosity with the Black Panther Emory Douglas and some artists from the collective foundation show. Unfortunately there wasn’t a discussion of a gift economy and art, just a bunch of serialized presentations. The free drinks were generous though.

  19. Brian says:

    The carrots between the parenthesis didn’t post. the computer must think its code. boo

  20. Lekrunk says:


  21. Balzac says:

    Miranda July is pretty hot.

  22. hey, where can we find out what songs you use in the musical interluuuuudes? For instance, the midi ‘my way’ from some other episode, the nirvana/bobby mcferrin from this one. Etc. Please how about listing those each episode?

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