Episode 88: Art Fair Part Deux!

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This week Art Fair Part Deux. In response to blog comments I am attempting something
new, and listing the times of the bits. Which I must say is one more damn task
to complete for the show, but I’ll try it and see if it drives me insane.

0:00-11:25 Intro, overall recap and lots of snotty commentary by Duncan, Amanda,
and Richard.

11:40-22:10 Team Browder (Amanda and Dolly Browder) with Susan Hobbs on the
Susan Hobbs Gallery.

22:20-29:05 Team Queer Ghetto Bus (Terri, Serena and Meg) talk to folks from
the Thomas Robertello Gallery: guests Thomas Robertello , Adam Ekberg ,Lily
McElroy, Hybinette + Richards

29:10-34:00 TB talks to artist David Opdyke with Roebling Hall Art Gallery
and Dolly gives some of the best insight ever!

34:10-37:38 TQGB talks to the Williamsburg based Eyewash Gallery and Larry
Walczak and Paul Kurman.

37:50-46:05 TB talks to Santiago Cucullu with High Point Press about his work.

46:20-49:55 TQGB talks to the delightful artist Anni Holm with Orleans Street
Gallery and the art scene in St. Charles Illinois.

50:05-58:40 Joel Beck Who runs Roebling Hall Gallery who curated the video
installation spectacle in the lobby along with Steven Levy.

58:45-1:05:35 TQGB talks about Brittany’s va-jay-jay and with the fine folks
from the Capla Kesting Gallery: David Kesting, John Leo, Daniel Edwards, Martina

1:05:45-1:14:00 TB Talks to Steve Zavvatero and Heather Marx of The Heather
Marx Gallery from San Francisco. Amanda tries to start a knife fight.

1:14:20-1:19:30 The Team Browder wrap up which is a delightful conversation
between Amanda and Dolly recapping Dolly’s first Art Fair experience. This is
my personal favorite moment in the show.

1:19:30-1:22:45 Closing credits and quips, never to be missed.

Whew! That was some serious typing for 6 a.m. on a Sunday.

Lastly, while looking for a picture for this weeks show, I stumbled upon this
link on Anni Holm’s site, check out the story and help if you can. Anni should
e-mail us so we can have them both on to talk about it.

Bridge Art Fair
Art Chicago
Susan Hobbs
Susan Hobbs Gallery
Liz Magor
Thomas Robertello Gallery
Thomas Robertello
Adam Ekberg
Lilly McElroy
Hybinette + Richards
David Opdyke
Roebling Hall Art Gallery
Eyewash Gallery
Paul Kuhrman
Larry Walczak
Santiago Cucullu
Highpoint Center for Printmaking
Anni Holm
Orleans Street Gallery
Joel Beck
Steven Levy
Capla Kesting Gallery
David Kesting
Brian Leo
Daniel Edwards
Martina Kubinyi
Steve Zavattero
Heather Marx
The Heather Marx Gallery
Intuit gallery
Industry of the Ordinary
Rowland Contemporary
Richard Gere
Wesley Kimler
Sharkstock 2
Edward Lifson
James Yood
Lynne Warren
School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Time Out Chicago
Patrick Howlett
Sandra Meigs
Armory Show
Art Forum Berlin
Jose Lerma
Chris Kennedy
Urban Lab
The Odd Couple
David Hevel
Patrick Wilson
Dana DeKalb
Paul Mullins
Libby Black
Matt Gil
David & David

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48 thoughts on “Episode 88: Art Fair Part Deux!”

  1. Honoré de Balzac says:

    That’s a whole heap of information this show. Wow. Dolly should come on as a regular!

  2. Richard says:

    If only.

    So are people just giddy with joy at the time listings?


  3. Michael Workman says:

    I wonder whom everybody thinks Art Chicago’s most direct competitor is now? Maybe the Toronto fair? Just curious.

    The Amanda’s mom section of the last episode was my fave. Not least because Amanda’s beautiful (insane clown) cackle/laugh makes me laugh, and she laughed a lot a lot with her ma.

    Time listings, eh. But people seem to have a desperate need for you guys to serve them more holistically.


  4. Richard says:

    I know, some listener just e-mailed me to have me rotate the tires on their car. If you want more services pony up to the paypal link on the main page. We collectively spent about $8000.00 last year producing the show.

  5. David Roth says:

    “We collectively spent about $8000.00 last year producing the show.”

    Does that include the lap dances and cases of Wild Turkey?

  6. Michael Workman says:

    Hey, i gave those lap dances for free!

  7. duncan. says:

    unfortunately lap dances were not included unless Richard’s been sneaking them in as guest entertainment/services.


  8. Oh no — now some “listener” is going to write in and say that he doesn’t want to listen OR read, just have the parts that interest him re-interpreted by Richard as lap-dances!

  9. Richard says:

    Then I must have a donation for that much work.

    The wild turkey is included under “operating expenses”.

    Without it Duncan doesn’t operate. Damn Canadians.

  10. BillDolan says:

    If it’s not too much trouble, can the team re-make the show as a Broadway musical?

  11. BillDolan says:

    Seriously though, thank you for the excellent coverage of the shows. Since I was pretty much tied to my booth, I missed a lot. By listening to the shows, while checking out photos on gallery sites and Flickr (thanks Iconduel), I don’t feel so left out.

  12. Rusty Scruby says:

    I just used the time listings. I hope I don’t owe anything!

    I do kind of like them, but it only saved me a couple minutes finding my place to restart listening and it sounds like it takes a lot longer to type them up.

  13. David Roth says:

    Bill Dolan you are one funny man.

  14. Great Bill! You are right Dave. Or maybe as a Bollywood musical ….

  15. Bill Dolan says:

    I like the Bollywood concept! Since I live near Devon and Western, I can pick up some videos, if you need inspiration.

  16. And the Bollywood people always film several scenes here in the Alps in Switzerland — for some reason that is their idea of some tourist paradise — so BAS could come to me here and film against the backdrop of the mountains, Amanda in a Sari —- or maybe Richard —-

  17. David Roth says:

    “Amanda in a Sari —- or maybe Richard —-”


  18. a. to the b. says:

    you know…i just got back from Livepool where I was at an Indian wedding….fate has it, I was in a sari. !!!

  19. The Shark says:

    while everyone is busying themselves with this cutey-pie banter……..would anyone care to dicuss the smoking gun known as The Dreihaus Foundation Awards -where we have Kirchner lapdog James Rondeau heading a group of jurors who just handed out this year’s awards to …duh!…..who else? -card carrying members of the consensus clique aka Kirchner Clones! – need, I say more? well actually, come to think of it, yes I do. ……the Shark is circling with an attack at sharkforum.org imminent.

  20. David Roth says:

    You know what, man? I’m good… You go talk about your art thing – I’m gonna continue to riff on how absurd Richard would look in a sari.

    Art is for the bourgeois anyhow – I’m throwin’ in with the Lumpin’ crowd.

  21. Balzac says:

    What was there to object to about Phillip von Zweck? He has been in the community for forever and seems like a decent guy. His work is interesting. He seems like the kind of artist you would support, grass roots, hard working, and operating in his own system. The guy runs a gallery out of his livingroom and takes 0% of the artists proceeds if someone sells something. I would think you’d be delighted that he won.

  22. Balzac says:

    I think bad at sports should host a fund raising telethon like the much mailgned NPR always seems to be shilling and offer pictures of the staff in saris as a premium. Maybe Amanda can offer the condom/latex photos she talked about a few shows ago.

  23. The Shark says:

    Phillip von Zweck – makes a decent ‘beard’ for one Gaylen Gerber and, Judy Ledgerwood -both card carry members of the Kirchner clique- but aside from that, lets discuss for instance, why one poor, high school art project level idea -executed in a single shade of grey paint, = 10,000.00 -to be continued momentarily at sharkforum.org-

  24. The Shark says:

    Oops! -what I meant to say was one poor, high school art project level idea -executed in a single shade of grey paint, as the solitary and apparently only idea in evidence over the course of an entire career = 10,000.00-

    …..artist as ‘cooperator’ or how about just plain ‘operator’……..

  25. Baul Sack says:

    Do these three artist have any established connection to Judith Kirchner? I’m confused as to how this fits together. Is the problem with conceptual art? I’ve met Phillip and so far as I know he has no connection to Judith Kirchner. I look forward to a more detailed discussion on sharkforum.org because I’m not clear as to why “the shark” dislikes these folks.

  26. The Shark says:

    are you kidding me? Dear Mr. Baul Zak, both Gerber and Ledgerwood are part of Judith Kirchner’s inner circle -card carrying members of the conceptualist 101 clique that absconded with the art world here in late 80’s- also, I believe with a great deal of certainty, they both were students of hers……

    both were given exhibitions -and pushed (-to no real or lasting effect I might add) outside of Chicago by Kirchner’s good friend and cohort ms. Ghez over at the ‘Ren’

    artists here need to ask themselves why, and how, a second rate academic hack like mr Gerber – a basic non-entity outside of art academia -with in the words of one major museum figure (I paraphrase) one high school level concept, ends up in Documenta…….

    who, exactly are the ‘deciders’ that made this happen?..and, ultimately does it have anything to do with the art itself, or, is it entirely political -or for that matter, with this particular crowd, IS THERE ANY DIFFERENTIATION going on or, is the accumulation of power the only ‘aesthetic’ goal……….

  27. The Shark says:

    -Look, I’m not going to futher serve this up piece-meal -its just too blatant and good for that -give me a moment and I will try and get something up at sharkforum-

  28. The Shark says:

    OK I’m not finished quite yet here: the choice of both of these people, their proximity to power here, to each other…..what strikes me is the impunity of how the powers that be here operate. How arrogant and just blatant can they possibly be? And what is a smart woman like Stephanie Smith doing going along with this level of corruption?

    Enough, and no more. These people, who have manipulated and run the art world here right into the collegiate ground, need first of all, to be confronted, and then, taken apart, and taken down.

  29. Stella Shanks says:

    As an artist (drawings, primarily) living in Chicago and applying to MFA programs, what do you recommend? It seems that you despise the faculty at SAIC, UIC and Northwestern.

  30. JF says:

    how about re-instating apprenticeships?

  31. BillDolan says:

    “As an artist (drawings, primarily) living in Chicago and applying to MFA programs, what do you recommend? It seems that you despise the faculty at SAIC, UIC and Northwestern.”

    — Just my two cents, so you can take it with a grain of salt. Since you are a serious artist, you probably have a good idea as to the direction you want to take your art and career. I would closely look at the faculty and programs to see if they are going to help you do that or are they going to force some other agenda on you and try to mold you into something they have already established.

  32. Baul Sack says:


    Make art, don’t borrow $100K to get a degree that at best might get you a mediocre teaching job.

    However, if you must:

    The school is good for networking.

    UIC is supposed to be pretty decent these days.

    Northwestern is fine if you are a painter.

    U of C ??? No idea.

    Instead, take the 100K and buy a building.

    Honoré de Balzac

  33. Stella Shanks says:

    Thanks for the feedback. The cost of schooling is insane and quite sad. Northwestern sounds to me like the most interesting program but I thought I read some gossip on this site not too long ago saying that it was a bad place for painters?

  34. The Shark says:

    Dear Balzac -Northwestern good as a painter -huh? are you talking about James Valerio? -There certainly isn’t anyone else out there who knows much about the discipline……saic grad dept has Lutes -a decent if somewhat technically challenged painter -and Suzzane Doremus -who at times has been very good….

    however-I agree with you -spend the money on studio/time and work out your own issues -since in the end that is what every painter/drawer of note has had to do. yes, mfa’s are networking degrees -or entree’s into academia.

  35. Dee Fox says:

    Northwestern gives fellowships to everyone they accept, don’t they? So, you are not paying. If you get in there, you can work out your own issues over a two to three year period with studio space provided and less financial worry. Seems like a good deal. Just stay true to yourself.

  36. Ball Zack’s got a good point, although I have spent most of my adult life in and out of Universities (but only the first degree was in art) —- a building would get you a hell of a lot more than a degree.

    An SAIC degree can, at best … but not guaranteed, allow you to buy your way into a almost-closed club of mostly upper-middle-class middle-brows who help each other somewhat — thus buy “connections,” to sum up. But if that’s your thing you could probably simply kiss-asss into the right groups; you’d have to do it anyway, in that you would have to make CC (Consensus Correct) art to capitalize on the degree even if you went to the school.

    My personal suggestion for the future would be for people to study OTHER stuff, for depth and intellectual stimulation, and yes, indeed maybe we need some apprenticeship-like things to add to that. I learned as much technically from my studying with a portrait painter (NOT artist), a sign painter and a super-hero comic artist as I think I did in most univ. art classes (NOt all — I had some fabulous teachers like CW Briggs, Billy Jackson, etc.). But University (NOT art school) was great for philosophy and literature and history, etc. the stuff that still fires me.

    I teach at an “Art academy” now in the Principality of Liechtenstein, where they do a great one-year “foundations course” (much like what used to be taught in the first 2 years of art school in the US, but with even more technical knowledge). This would not be too bad of a model specially if thena also united with an apprenticeship — or several such — and then some solid intellectual stimulation not directly about art.

    Sorry, not too concrete an answer about WHICH school, but I’ve been thinking a lot recenmtly about alternative models I could perhaps help institute after I finish Latin and my PhD. Aynbody out there want to help (in a couple of years?)

  37. And anybody want to teach me how to type — and proof-read?!!

  38. The Shark says:

    Until recently you could have gone to University of Chicago and studied painting with the most excellent Drew Beattie – but, certain members of the faculty gave Drew the shaft and he’s gone now- so scratch that idea……btw Drew is teaching at Harvard now-

  39. canada. says:

    I’m not sure that U of C misses Drew Beattie. I think the feeling is Harvard can have that guy.

  40. The Shark says:

    I think you are mistaken.

  41. The Shark says:

    and btw -if you are going to attack someone, why don’t you man-up and not hide behind a pseudonym?

  42. Baul Sack says:

    Why does U of C not miss that person.

  43. The Shark says:

    Actually Baul -I know any number of people involved with that program -on several different levels -some still there ,some recently there and some no longer there. I think a lot of people were not happy to see this interesting and non -consensoriat type artist depart…

    I think Drew is a super smart guy, a terrific artist – from what I know of that program -which btw used to have a strong emphasis on painting with the the inimitable Vera Klement holding court there for many years…..they really needed the shot in the arm he provided.

    I sure there are people there happy to see him go. But look at who they are-

  44. Richard says:

    What! No comments on the fine Schoolhouserockthingy on checking?

  45. Bill Dolan says:

    The check’s in the mail
    The check is in the mail
    And it’s got to be there Friday without fail
    But just remember that you’ve got to have some income coming in
    Before you send out all those checks in the mail

  46. And I won’t … in your mouth …. as the saying goes further.

  47. The Shark says:

    shark ATTACK!….sharkforum.org

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