Episode 117: Amanda is back and you’re gonna be in trouble!

November 25, 2007 · Print This Article

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Amanda Browder

Amanda is back and you’re gonna be in trouble, hey nah hey nah, Amanda’s back!!!

Amanda Browder and Nathan Rogers-Madsen talk New York.

Mike Benedetto reveals his Transformer wish.

Philip Von Zweck
Daniel Sshorr
Jeff Koons
Liza Minnelli
Hunter College
Richard Serra
American Association of Museums
Dia Beacon
Chelsea Art Museum
Vanessa Beecroft
Ashley Bickerton
Chris Johanson
The Met
Logan’s Run
Damien Hirst
Cynthia Rowley
Kara Walker
The Whitney
Nick Cave
Takashi Murakami
The Art Institute of Chicago
Green Jeans
Walt Whitman
Beth Lipman
Heller Gallery
Steven Spielberg
Michael Bay
Bad Boys
Pearl Harbor
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15 thoughts on “Episode 117: Amanda is back and you’re gonna be in trouble!”

  1. Honoré de Balzac says:

    What a lovely picture of Amanda!

    Nice use of Burrough’s a Thanksgiving Prayer.

  2. Amanda says:

    Oh dear lord…I didn’t know I had so much Gene Simmons in me.
    NYC did it to me.

  3. Duncan, Richard: on the Staff page could my job title be changed to Cinema Bureau Chief?

  4. Richard says:

    Fine by me – e-mail Chris.

  5. coyle says:

    whats this chicken song nate’s talking about? anyone?

  6. Christopher says:

    Mike as your first job as the newly titled Cinema Bureau Chief, give a review of the Directors cut of Mary Poppins.

  7. Richard says:


  8. Christopher says:

    For a second cinema observation, when did Duncan find the time to film “The Dark Knight” in downtown Chicago?

    I mean really just add 24 months without sun, A heroin habit and the soul the size of a pistachio and its a perfect match….?

  9. Richard says:

    Duncan is this >< close…

  10. duncan says:

    You go with what works. You wanted a hair cut well… It was make over time.

  11. Christopher says:

    Duncan needs to share some of that mad movie money 😛

  12. Great to have Amanda back — and this makes a great team with Nathan. You are right, we all need to do more and more in depth — except maybe the Frisco boys who are doing great!

    Have fun in NYC Amanda, and don’t forget to make contact with Maddy Rosenberg in BKLYN as I suggested to you; she’s great artist and curator involved in a lot of Gowanus Canal area stuff.

    I found Nathan’s talk about the middlemen, administrators, very clear sighted and invigorating. Since he has studied that, and I have too by way of art history, we seem to agree on our experiences questioning this situation. Thanks Nathan! I also appreciated the word ‘administrators’ — I have tendency to rant on about consensus curators, the Shark does so about consensus academicians, etc., but you hit the nail on the head with ‘administrators.’ That’s who they are and where the “problem” today lies. “Consensus Administrators,” (there are some very good and independent ones, not the big shots, but others), I would say, those who are apparatchiks and naught else. I stand with terminology corrected. I’d love to talk with in depth about this whole thing.

    Likewise, Amanda’s feelings about the fashion/art things, both positive and negative, were great. Since I am active in a parallel area, overlapping with comics and vernacular handwork like sign-painting, I know the attraction/repulsion there. But don’t forget that it doesn’t only go ONE way — every overlap can be made to criticize positively in both directions. Fashion-art could be not only stuff using fashion to “bring art down” etc., but also could use fine art to critique the brainlessness and absence of personal meaning in so much fashion. I know I try to make my double sword also cut double-edged and both ways. This has been far too inadequately studied and even far too inadequately applied.

  13. A lot of the realators in Bedford were musicians and artists back in the mid 1990’s. Ms. Amanda should check out the very Brooklyn local museum The City Reliquary heres the web site: http://www.cityreliquary.org. Also Ive heard the Cinders gallery http://www.cindersgallery.com/ is quite awesome and . You are also in Steve Keene’s neighborhood..http://www.stevekeene.com/home.html

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