Episode 113: Tracy Marie Taylor/ Front Forty Press

October 28, 2007 · Print This Article

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Duncan and Richard talk to Tracy Marie Taylor, artist and curator who curated the new show Bilingual, Art at the Intersection of Painting and Video.

Bilingual focuses on artwork at the intersection of painting and drawing, film and video, encompassing both conceptual and process-driven approaches. The artists in this exhibition are acting as visual linguists or interpreters, breaking down one language and reconstructing it in another, holding the sense of the structure together with an understanding of both.

Bilingual will feature works by Shira Avni, Kylie Baker, Wafaa Bilal, Jeremy Blake, Eddy De Vos, Terence Hannum, Jay Heikes, John Hiltabidel & John Grant, Jo Jackson, William Kentridge, Patte Loper, Joshua Mosley, Sabina Ott, David Reed, Peter Rostovsky, Alison Ruttan, Jason Salavon, Marcelino Stuhmer, Fraser Taylor, Jim Trainor, and Scott Wolniak.

Joanna and Terri talk to Doug Fogelson from Front Forty Press about art books and lots of other neat stuff. Front Forty Press is a small publisher focused on artistic projects. A Front Forty project is one that embodies uninhibited creativity and deals with current topics. The work can be functional, political, ecological or simply expressive. What matters most at Front Forty Press is the cultivation and communication of ideas.

Tracy Marie Taylor
Carol Becker
Shira Avni
Glass Curtain Gallery
Wafaa Bilal
Jeremy Blake
Eddy De Vos
All The Pretty Corpses
Terrence Hannum
Jo Jackson
William Kentridge
Patte Loper
Joshua Mosley
Sabina Ott
David Reed
Peter Rostovsky
Alison Ruttan
Jason Salavon
Marcelino Stuhmer
Fraser Taylor
Scott Wolniak
Doug Fogelson
Front Forty Press
Glass Curtain Gallery
The Suburban
Shane Cambell
Jenny Saville
John Currin
Renegade Craft Fair
Printer Row’s Book Fair
University Chicago Press
White Walls
John Jennings
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34 thoughts on “Episode 113: Tracy Marie Taylor/ Front Forty Press”

  1. Richard says:

    Hey all,

    Untitled (child), a boy, was born on October 28, 2007 at 12:42 a.m. and weighed 9 pounds 1 ounce and was 22 inches long.

    Thanks to everyone who sent along their well wishes, prayers, chants, etc.

    We all appreciate it.

    Pictures and hopefully a name announcement forthcoming.


  2. tony fitzpatrick says:

    Now you’re a grown-up….. Congratulations pal.

  3. Christopher says:

    Congratulations Richard, take care of your family. I am glad everything worked out well and Sarah and the baby are healthy.

  4. David Roth says:

    Congrats! Welcome to the club.

  5. coyle says:

    wow, congratulations richard.

  6. TheShark says:

    Hey Richard -I have a fancy bassinet in pristine condition over here at the sharkpit if you are in need of one- congrats

  7. duncan. says:

    …but what is his name?????

  8. Hi Richard and super congratualtions to your wife and you! You could use the German phrase for Untitled, “O.T.” ( “O.T.” = ohne Titel; Like “O.J.”, “J.R.”, etc. — “O.T. Holland”).

  9. But Richard, the poll may be way off. From my experiences from my friends — one or two got to sleep well every night. Most tell me, though, that new parents should not expect to sleep AT ALL for one year.

  10. Richard says:

    Wesley, you are very kind, I think we are covered.

    Duncan, *sigh* still not named. We have until tomorrow morning to decide.

  11. Richard says:

    I agree about the poll, I think the range should be cranked back from 2-6 hours instead of 5-9, I only got 4-5 before the baby.

  12. Here’s to the new Holland!

  13. Michael Workman says:

    Colic’s tough, ugh. I remember the piles of tubes and jars and bottles. There’s such a huge baby industry out there, and all entirely, shamelessly predatory. All kinds of lovely new words will enter the lexicon, too. My most recent favorite is “croup.” Learned that one again since yesterday.

    Sleep’s always at a premium for parents. Tristan still gets up at 6:30ish every day. Ah, how I eagerly await his early teens, when hopefully he’ll become a brooding moody boy who only wants to sleep in all day.


  14. Kathryn says:


    4 hours of sleep as the minimum, ohmigod, that’s hilarious. The first couple weeks I got two, NOW I’m up to 4.

    I liked the name “Ford”.

    9 pounds! Yikes! Kudos to Sarah!!!


  15. Richard says:

    Named finally:

    Maximilian Ford Holland

  16. Michael Workman says:

    So we have to stop referring to him as “Blob-Thing” now? Awww.

  17. steve hamann says:


    I was secretly hoping the name would be Harrison Ford Holland.

  18. Teena says:

    or Max Power? GO team! making babies!

  19. tom burtonwood says:

    awesome. i voted for Max.
    Max Holland, sounds like politician of the phuture….
    (maybe i’ll vote for max in the future too, (….if it all goes well next week that is))

    congrats to all….

    love from Holly and me

  20. Nora says:

    Welcome, Max, and congrats, Sarah and Richard! Even if you are sleep-deprived, please remember that used diapers are never an appropriate medium for “found art”.

  21. Except if you are in the “school” of Paul McCarthy.

  22. Richard says:

    Thanks everyone. I appreciate all of the well wishing from those who posted comments and those who e-mailed, you are all very kind and it reminds me once again what a nice community we have here in Chicago and with Bad at Sports.

    Sarah is doing well, we are home now and despite a spot of baby jaundice, everything is going swimmingly. Sleep is in short supply as apparently the first few days can be extra fussy, I think I was up most of the night. We’ll see what gets run as a show this week! I would like to point out I literally finished posting this weeks show after Sarah went into labor, although we weren’t sure at the time. Ah the dedication of the BAS crew (KB did the name drop list hours after giving birth)

    The best part about the diapers is now I can start mailing them anonymously in retribution or as critical commentary, does anyone have Damien Hirst’s home address?

  23. duncan. says:

    You can keep your dirty diapers. Don’t send them here. We have been together so long I KNOW WHAT YOU’RE THINKING!!!!

  24. Richard says:

    One last baby comment from me, we could not possibly have put off the naming decision any longer than we did, we literally got scolded by the birth certificate people at Prentice Hospital (which is amazing BTW). They weren’t supposed to let us leave without a name and we decided minutes before we left.

    It took us 30 minutes to pick a girl’s name and 8 1/2 months to pick a boys. Sheesh.

  25. canadan says:

    (Ok well fine, congrats on the critter R and S.Show us something when its not purple any more) kids, bah..who needs’em…!

    …especially when you have people doing KICK ASS interviews on books n stuff.
    WTG joanna and terri.
    A very intelligent and inspiring interview. Good looking corpses indeed.

    Here’s to the newly living and the dead, then, and weird trailers at the end of shows.

  26. Richard says:

    Did you like the Birthday theme…

  27. Tracy says:

    Congrats on Maximillian and thank you for your dedication on getting the show up. Wow, very impressive! And the Happy Birthday song has been haunting me for three days now- great, thanks a lot! Best of luck with the new munchkin.

  28. Richard says:

    I can only take a tiny portion of the credit. That is the nice thing about a group project where everyone pitches in, if someone is unable to carry their weight for some reason everyone else can compensate.

    Thanks for the well wishes.

  29. I finally listened to the show. GREAT idea for an exhibition Tracy! I wish I was there to see it. It is interesting That David Reed is in it. He and I discussed something along your lines of thought a while back, we agreed that painting is the “great absorber” — able to, and usually in the practice of, assimilating other influences, which is something the various waves of “painting is dead” folks always failed to realize — usually knowing too little art history, I suppose. David thinks that his work is assimilating — NOT copying as photo-copists do — he thinks his work is absorbing technicolor and cinematic inspiration in a painterly way, and that mine is absorbing installation as well as sequential art/comics. I agree. And your work sounds exciting too. As soon as BAS has the links up, I’ll be happy to go check out your site (I hope you have one!)

    Good luck with the show and your work. Very exciting and inspirational. (The Front Forty press too! But I’ll get to them in another comment — I want to get to their website first and it is late here.)

  30. Tracy — since the name drops/links are slow in going up here, could you put your website URL here and/or that of the show, if there is one? I can’t find you by googling and would love to see your work, even if only in on-line documentation.

  31. Richard says:

    Why aren’t they up?

  32. Christopher says:

    Here is a last minute post a week late since I have been busy but I noticed the Squid growth in line with the popularity of the Spaghetti Monster. Some people did it and like viral ads or anything else it just spreads. The deer in many ways seemed simular out of a growth from the depiction of a shot Bambi as a sympathetic visual trope. It seemed to me to start there then get generalized to the point they just turned into silhouettes to frame a different image?

    Sneeking this in at the 11th hour will most likely get no discussion… muhahaha.

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