Episode 107: Opening shots!

September 16, 2007 · Print This Article

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downloadArtist Phonebook

The Show kicks off with Caroline Picard discussing a Three Walls/Green Lantern project that breaks American indie arts ground. A communication resource for art like this country has never seen. It will blow your mind.

ALSO, NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART. Seriously, if you react negatively to the phrase blow job or the f-boom stay the hell away.

Jason Dunda and Teena McClelland (from the Alliance of Pentaphillic Curators) are back, along with Kathryn, Christopher Hudgens in a rare on mic appearance, Duncan, Terri and Serena all providing team coverage of opening extravaganza 2007.

You are mentioned in this episode, seriously, no name drop list this week because you know you are in here, someone is talking about you, maybe something good, maybe something bad, you’ll just have to listen.

Mike B. is back with 28 somethings later.
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49 thoughts on “Episode 107: Opening shots!”

  1. bALZac says:

    SO, is the image from one of the shows, is the image a critique of the shows, or is the image a reflection of the quality of this episode of BAS?

  2. Bill Dolan says:

    It looks like a piping hot butterscotch morsel.

  3. Richard says:

    That is for the listener to decide.

    Quiz: Why is Mike’s bed music funny in a Ladies and Germs kinda way?

  4. Richard says:

    AND for double points, who is the band who did the closing music.

    For triple points, name the insanely influential, genius, rock band that exploded leaving the members to form the band that did the closing song…

  5. Richard says:


    You are such a lemons into lemonade kindof guy!


  6. Richard says:

    Also you may want to check the color balance on your screen…it should be a bit more brown.

  7. Michael says:

    Slow media, slow food,…so does this change the meaning of slow kid?

  8. tony fitzpatrick says:

    The pic looks like dookie……

  9. amanda says:

    Caroline Picard….rules. This woman is taking Chicago by storm….

  10. Richard says:

    The pic is indeed a dookie.

    Caroline Picard does rule.

  11. Caliope says:

    indeed, it’s great to hear from Caroline Picard. The rest of the show was a waste of time for all involved, you and listeners. too bad.

  12. Michael Workman says:

    This from Artnet on the Blago art-funding cuts:

    Just as Chicago seemed to be going on the offensive to restore its luster as an art capital via its giant-sized “Artropolis” round of art fairs, Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich’s current budget slashes $7 million — or about 30 percent — of the budget of the Illinois Arts Council. The sum is exactly the amount that the council gives out in grants, typically to benefit arts education and emerging artists, and the local art community is assuming that Blagojevich seeks to zero them out. Illinois legislators have already announced a round of hearings on Blagojevich’s deeply unpopular cuts, which also slash funding for emergency equipment for firefighters and services for elderly veterans, among other frivolities.

  13. tony fitzpatrick says:

    It’s amazing to me that the big media hasn’t held Blagojevich’s feet to the fire about this…. it seems when goverment fucks artists …nobody cares.

  14. Michael says:

    G-Rod lives in Albany Park…I say everyone walks their dogs over to his house to deposit a cleveland steamer in protest.

  15. tony fitzpatrick says:

    … and maybe, while your at it… take a long, sticky piss on his front door.

  16. Richard says:


    I think that while this was not our most informative show, it had its moments.


  17. brad farwell says:

    Richard- Dude, I’m still all excited from having recognized Petty Booka a couple of episodes ago, can’t I rest on my laurels for a couple weeks??

  18. Richard says:

    No resting!

  19. duncan says:

    Sorry all that love the poop. I think that the Phone book is so awesome that I wanted to take it down and present the cover of the phone book because… it just might be the most useful thing this art world has produced.

    As for the content of the show lighten up, sometimes fun is fun and worth having. We will be back back to more “knowledge”exchange next week with Marc Fisher and Anthony Elms.

    I love you all.


    PS. Still no hair cut.


  20. duncan says:

    Blagojevich is not high on anyones list these days does anyone know what is going on with that?

  21. Balzac says:

    I admit the phone book is a laudable project, but I would to be the first to sign the bring back the poop picture petition. It sums up so much of the state of the art world.

  22. Michael Workman says:

    I read the following few sentences in an unrelated article on the NY Times site today and thought the Japanese term referenced therein a good description of Blago and his current art-related cuts:

    “Kuuki ga Yomenai” [was the term the Japanese press used to describe the Japanese Prime minister] or, for short, “K. Y.” “Kuuki” means “air” and “yomenai” means “cannot read.” Not being able to read the air means that you don’t know that your guest wants another cup of tea or that you should be serving cold tea because it is a hot day.

  23. Richard says:

    Sounds just like Bad at Sports.

  24. tony fitzpatrick says:

    It seems that whenever Art and Politics intersect; Art loses– at least around here.

  25. Michael Workman says:


  26. Richard says:

    That’s a zinger.


  27. tony fitzpatrick says:

    In fact; what DOES succeed here are those who use Preparation H for lip-gloss.

  28. Marc Fischer says:

    My first ever comment here.

    As for what the state funding cuts would mean, I just learned for myself today.

    The budget for the studio arts program at Little City, where I work as a facilitator, would be cut by 50%.

    This means 50% less money for developmentally challenged adults doing something that brings extraordinary meaning to their lives: making art.

    We spent today in the studio working with the artists to draft letters to the Gov. and making drawings that will be hand-delivered. Hopefully they will make some kind of impression. I don’t think he deserves their art. One of the artists made two drawings so I suggested we hang onto the better drawing and give him the one that wasn’t as good. Another artist had an old drawing that was already dedicated to someone. We just got out the white out, removed some woman’s name and added “To Gov. Rod”. Again, the guy’s not worth any great effort but perhaps at least a small effort will make some kind of impression.

  29. Michael Workman says:

    It’s very sad to hear of the hardship these cuts could mean for Little City, Marc. It’s shameful.

  30. tony fitzpatrick says:

    Marc — post an address where people can send a donation to Little City’s art program–I’ll donate to that.

  31. I went to ThreeWalls & got a Phonebook yesterday. It is really cool. Also their show right now, especially the Chris Miller stuff, will make you insane. It is intense.

    And I second the enthusiasm for Nathan Redwood’s ship. It is such a purely fun thing to look at & engage with. It seems like it all came out of pure joy of making something with no pretense. Cool.

  32. Richard says:


    Did you get my e-mail re: Scott?


  33. tony fitzpatrick says:

    Richard– Yeah– I’m in touch with Scott Harrison thanks to BAS– Scott has a book coming out this spring!– thanks for hooking us up

  34. Marc Fischer says:

    Thank you for the sentiments Michael and Tony.

    Tony (and anyone else),

    Checks should be made payable to Little City Foundation. LCF is a charitable organization. The donor allocates the value of donated goods.
    A donation letter is given to the donor.

    They can be sent to:

    Corinne M. Pierog
    Director, The Center for the Arts
    Little City Foundation
    1760 West Alqonguin Road
    Palatine, IL 60067
    T. (847) 221-7888
    Fax. (847) 358-3291
    Email cpierog@littlecity.org

    Materials can also always be donated to Little City’s art studio (paper, office supplies, working media stuff, paint, etc.). Those artists are seriously prolific and go through a LOT of materials!

  35. tony fitzpatrick says:

    I was looking at the Turner Prize post , elsewhere on this site, and all I could think was….

    there sure are some ugly motherfuckers in England….

  36. BALLSACK says:

    Have you taken a good look around Chicago lately?

  37. richard says:

    The English get a bad rap, go to London and there are some seriously attractive floks wandering about.

  38. tony fitzpatrick says:

    Yeah your right Richard…… the ones who have teeth anyway…….

  39. tony fitzpatrick says:

    I kid the limeys……

  40. Bill Dolan says:

    “…go to London…”

    As long as we’re talking about other cities, check out this tour of public art in downtown Minneapolis.


  41. I misspelled: It’s Chris Millar. Not Miller. My bad, yo.

  42. Kathleen O'Looney says:

    I got one, the closing song is by Big Dipper “Young Bums”


  43. Richard Holland says:

    Very good!

    Now what band did they rise from the ashes of…

  44. tony fitzpatrick says:

    Me and Benedetto just taped a review of ‘The Brave One’ , with Jodie Foster, and Terrence Howard……

  45. Richard says:

    Allright as clearly no one cares about this bit of trivia, Big Dipper was composed of a couple members of the utterly fantastic, Volcano Suns.

  46. sioux says:

    where do you buy the phonebook?

  47. Balzac says:

    You can buy it at Threewalls or now on Amazon.com

  48. Hey Tony — Euros frequently assault me about how “silly” it is for US “Amies” (the friendly nickname for Americans) to spend so much money on getting their teeth fixed and cleaned and so on. Funny words coming from between weirdly green and bent-all-over teeth.

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