Episode 105: Mucho Stuffo

September 2, 2007 · Print This Article

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This week Clare Britt from Fraction Workspace stops by to give the run down on a couple of the European shows with Duncan and Joanna. Namely Documenta and Munster. She will be back next week To consider Venice.

Also the fine and wacky folks from The Alliance of Pentaphilic Curators show up to encourage Philip von Zweck’s friends to explain why it should have been them while they “roast the bastard” in recognition of the sizable grant he won this year.

The opening and closing songs of this week’s show are there largely to amuse Kaveh Soofi.
If you don’t get it, you don’t, sorry.

Clare Britt
Fraction Workspace
Skulptur Projekte Münster 07
The Alliance of Pentaphilic Curators
Philip von Zweck
Kaveh Soofi
James Elkins
Kerry James Marshall
Inigo Manglano-Ovalle
Peter Paul Rubens
John McCracken
Clement Greenberg
Donald Judd
Peter Friedl
Gonzalo Diaz
Mary Kelly
Tseng Yu Chin
Martha Rosler
Danica Dakic
Hans Peter Feldman
Mike Kelley
Jason Rhodes
Paul McCarthy
Martin Kippenberger
Raymond Pettibon
Cindy Sherman
Dieter Roth
Robert Gober
Green Lantern
Caroline Picard
Deb Sokolow
Shannon Stratton
Dan Anhorn
Nevin Tomlinson

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25 thoughts on “Episode 105: Mucho Stuffo”

  1. Bill Dolan says:

    Late answers to the questions:

    What should Philip von Zweck do with the money?
    Go to Vegas and put it all on Red 14.

    Why I deserve the money instead?
    I would serve meat at the party.

  2. Balzac says:

    PVZ by all accounts is a good guy. Bully for him.

  3. J-COLLABO says:


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    website by creators working mainly in both USA and Japan, has been opened.
    Please access this website in your free time. We would also be glad if you
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    steadily every 2 to 3 months, so please check it out when you have time.


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  4. Richard says:

    Hey J-Collabo,

    Why are you using our website to plug your stuff? Why not do it the right way and contact us and if we are so inclined we’ll plug you, I’m not appreciative of your spam.


  5. brad farwell says:

    Richard, why are you dissing spiced ham? It is a fine luncheon meat.

  6. Richard says:

    I grew up with a steady diet of Spam and there is little ham to be found, it’s all assholes and ears isn’t it?

  7. Richard says:

    ALSO, glad to see there is at least one hate it die,die,die vote on the poll, there needs to be at least one full on objector to any issue.

  8. tony fitzpatrick says:

    Richard…. lets take j-collabo out back and kick the shit out of him…..

    just a thought.

  9. brad farwell says:

    All assholes and ears…

    is that a description of the BAS community??

  10. Richard says:

    Pretty much. And the staff.

    Tony, I’m always itchin’ for a fight.

  11. Great review of Documenta and Munster, Clare, Duncan and Joanna!
    Also, hilarious piece by The Alliance of Pentaphilic Curators. Congratulations. I was listening to it in the night on the highway coming back from Liechtenstein, laughing and bemoaning the fact that no “Suizzo” would have the guts or sense of humor to ask those questions or answer them. Great job this time and fun!

    Some help with pronunciation, since you brought it up:
    Fridericianum: Free-der-rick-ee-an-oom
    Munster: Moon-ster (approximately, “oo” as in ‘book,’ not as in ‘soon’), not like Herman Munster
    Kassel: not “castle,” kah-sel.
    Iñigo Mangalano-Ovallé: Mahn-glahn-oh Oh-vah-ye

    Great quotable comment by Joanna about MFA show. In fact, probably true about most of the group shows and large events recently.

  12. tony fitzpatrick says:

    I noticed elsewhere on the web-page that Damien Hirst sold the skull — good for him — I think Damien goes home from the art-world every night , rolls up a fatty and laughs his ass off……

  13. tony fitzpatrick says:

    Artnet is reporting that Damien Hirst is part of the ‘group’ of collectors who are purchasing the skull…. well… that is certainly one way to protect one’s market value….

  14. Balzac says:

    What Damien Hirst an overblown hack, no way.

  15. Well, buying stuff on the sly has been a technique for years by many gallerists to keep prices high, or stable. And Damien has probably the most money around in the London artworld, so I guess he is “putting his money where his strategy is” or some such thing. Seems rather silly, since he’ll also have o pay immense income tax on his own purchase, but I guess that whole approach is beyond me.

  16. Balzac says:

    Agreed that artists do do this from time to time, but Damien Hirst!!! Come now. Like that hack jackass doesn’t receive enough attention. He may be the most over rated artist in history. Blech. Poop on him!

  17. tony fitzpatrick says:

    Balzac– I understand your comtempt for Hirst; but actually he is better than you think– he is kind of half genius , half P.T. Barnum– THIS particular sale may tell you more about the art-market than it tells you about Damien Hirst. The skull was for sale for 2 months– Hirst probably thought some hedge-fund geek would but it immediately…. and that didn’t happen — for the 60 days this thing was for sale; it was the most talked about art object on the planet — but oddly– nobody BOUGHT it. Now Hirst is no fool — when Saatchi proceeded to dump his collection of Hirst some years back ; Hirst, wisely, decided to buy most of it back rather than have a sudden glut of it in the blue-chip market– which would have undoubtedly driven his prices down.
    Though this move of Hirst participating in the purchase of the skull may seem desperate– it is probably just Hirst reading the dip in the art-market– when the hedge-fund geeks didn’t fall all over themselves to buy this thing — everybody got nervous and engineered a sale, which is actually not a bad strategy– Hirst has protected his market every step of his career.
    Do I think it’s a good thing? …. No — it’s cynical, manipulative, and exactly the way business is done in the artworld.
    That said; I think Hirst is an interesting artist — the skull itself seems to be a ‘momento mori’ for a consumerist society– and , like Koons 20 years ago, he seems to be giving the art-world exactly what it deserves.

  18. Balzac says:

    I think Hirst is important, he move the overall discourse forward, but I think he is, in many ways, a one trick pony, and over-the-top for the sake of over-the-top (see Koon’s movie with Cicciolina) is tired and sad.

  19. tony fitzpatrick says:

    I hear you …. I just like the way Hirst has never been any art-dealer’s bitch — Instead of art dealers having 50 per-cent of Damien Hirst– Damien Hirst has 70 per-cent of a bunch of art-dealers– I like that — at every point in his career, he has walked into the lion’s den and spit in his mouth. I like guts– there is a huge shortage of it in the art-world.

  20. Balzac says:

    Agreed, the 50% thing is a blight. I too appreciate testicular fortitude.

  21. Hudgens says:

    Would you both agree that at that level of the game you would prefer/wish to see someone make a artistic dramatic contribution and not always the most strategic well thought out safe move?

  22. Julie Rodrigues Widholm says:

    one small correction to give credit to a talented female artist where it’s due– Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster, who was mentioned in the discussion about Skulptur Munster, is a she not a he.

  23. Balzac says:

    C’mon BAS get it together! Sexist jerks.

  24. tony fitzpatrick says:

    Hudgens– I would agree– I think maybe Hirst, as an artist needs to find his better self– I am one of those ,however; who likes the skull– I think it is good art despite being robbed of it’s definition because Hirst chose to engage the art market rather than the imagination.

  25. I agree with Ballsy and Tony on Damien — BUT have heard complimentary stuff about him from London artists — how he is very “pro-artist,” helped other artists, keeps his business in his own hands, not allowing galleries or curators to lead him around — and how he herded that whole bunch of snipy artists into the yBa thing, often against their own desires to stay quiet and kiss curator ass. Even dragged Saatchi to the show that broke him into that world by taking a taxi to Saatchi’s apartment and basically kidnapping him into going to see the work. While a lot of his art bugs me, especially the paintings-by-broke-art-students (doesn’t every Neo-Conceptualist do that now?) — while it bugs me, his hutzpah and sense of artist-comaraderie reminds me of Tony’s and Shark’s and BAS’s and had a great effect.

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