Episode 102: There’s a riot going on

August 12, 2007 · Print This Article

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This week’s show has everything.

Brian and Marc with critic, writer, and all around interesting guy Julian Myers on rock and rioting.

Julian Myers is a San Francisco-based writer and art historian. His writings have been featured in publications such Frieze, October, Afterall, and a number of local and national museum and gallery catalogs. In addition, Myers teaches at the Curatorial Practice program at California College of Arts, the San Francisco Art Institute, and the University of California at Santa Cruz.

Terri, Joanna and Danielle Egan Miller talk to Arik Verezhensky proprietor of Gemini Fine Books & Arts, Ltd. A collector and dealer in rare and amazing art and books, and art books, and maybe a few books on art. To top it all off the show wraps up with some obscure Japanese Hip-Hop, Richard’s new favorite genre of music.

Julian Myers
Danielle Egan Miller
Arik Verezhensky
Gemini Fine Books & Arts, Ltd.
Art on Paper
Ellsworth Kelly
Nancy Holt
Michael Heizer
Trisha Donnelly
Edgar Arceneaux
San Francisco Art Institute
UC Santa Cruz
UC Davis
UC Berkeley
Epicenter Collective
Alicia McCarthy
Barry McGee
Ejekt Festival
British Invasion Festival
Guns N’ Roses
Elvis Costello
Christoph Büchel
Collective Foundation
Pablo Picasso
Juan Miró
Salvador Dalí 
Marc Chagall
Rose Adler
Willem de Kooning
Jim Dine
Henri Matisse
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13 thoughts on “Episode 102: There’s a riot going on”

  1. Balzac says:

    The whole notion of “underground Japanese Hip Hop” makes me want to riot.

  2. Richard.. are you a fan of Half Japanese?… if not check them out — it’s your kind of thing.

  3. Richard says:

    I like them, don’t L O V E them. Although I saw the documentary of them the name of which escapes me and it was pretty f-ing stellar!

  4. Richard says:

    OH forum posters, why have you forsaken us.

  5. Bill Dolan says:

    I guess I’ve got nothing to say. Call it “midsummer blahs” or “doldrums.” I’m still lurking, though.

  6. Richard says:

    What happened to MSB? He seemingly has disappeared, I’ll have to checkout Sharkforum and see if he has been about over there.

  7. Bill Dolan says:

    It’s a sad day. Elizabeth Murray passed away. I’ve always liked her work and she always seemed like a nice person that was full of life.


  8. Sorry that I have only been lurking too! We do indeed have a big debate at Sharkforum, but mostly I was takin-cara-business stuff this summer — and even had a week long vacation hiking in the mountains above Berne with my wife and two dogs. A real vacation, imagine that! I did my big “Latinum” tests, had to deal with some show stuff, a gallerist who wants my art in Zurich and all those kind of artist-acting-as-his-own-secretarial-assistant stuff, which we all know and hate. Oh yeah, and on a good note I got a studio production assistant Yevgenia, a young Swiss-Russian designer and artist, and have been working out what she will do — and and and. And I even actually paint, which takes time. I’m not a Neo-Conceptual artist so I can’t substitute using the yellow pages for pushing the paint around.

    Oh yeah, and I made a powerpoint for use in of my Quicky Art History Speech (the entire history of art from Prehistoric to Postmodern in and hour and a half) which I will be a combination “performance” and art show in a couple of places.

    But as of this week I have to get some art to a collector and teach again, so I will be downloading and MP3-ing BAS regularly again, while driving or taking the train, which will encourage me to write comments instead of the two articles I’m supposed to be writing and working on the diss and so on. I’m the best poster when I’m avoiding some deadline thoughts. Is posting the new vacuuming?

    So, I’ll be back soon (said with Arnold’s Austrian accent).

  9. x) says:

    once I met Julian Meyers and he was a friendly guy, smart too.

    and, Axl Rose: I miss you.

  10. On a different topic : Has DeBennedetto seen ‘The Proposition’– it is a goddamn masterpiece– more quality kiils than any western since the ‘Wild Bunch’– it was written by Nick Cave and he also did the soundtrrack– check it out.

  11. Richard says:

    Not sure, but Mike has a piece coming up in next week’s show and he is always a crowd pleaser.

  12. I second that RE: Tony’s recommendation of The Proposition. Fucking brill.

  13. Julian Myers says:

    Just a footnote to our brief punk v. myspace discussion. Some one made a myspace for my old punk collective: http://www.myspace.com/epicenterzone. Woof.

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