David Robbins is Still Funnier Then You

December 14, 2007 · Print This Article

Now there are a lot of reasons to love David Robbins. His book is great. He is very funny. He is genuinely insightful about art and life.
He was really hard on Duncan as a student.
He looks great in scarves.

And he might be right on about how creative individuals can move forward and abandon an art world that only loves its devotees and acolytes(and it only sort of loves them.) But my favorite reason to LOVE David is that he made these…

3 thoughts on “David Robbins is Still Funnier Then You”

  1. Richard says:

    Did his Concrete Comedy book come out yet?

  2. Richard says:

    And it is Than not Then.

  3. Bill Dolan says:

    It makes me hungry for some sheet cake. Is there anything that sheet cake can’t do?

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