Cy Twombly gets paid for the kiss of death

November 18, 2007 · Print This Article

Rindy Sam, the 20 year old Cambodian artist living in France that was in the news back in July has had her day in court and the judge has fined her accordingly:

1euro goes to Cy Twombly for symbolic reasons

1,000 euros ($1,425) to the painting’s owner

486 euros ($713) to the Avignon gallery where she planted the kiss

Also 100 hours of community service after convicting her of “voluntarily damaging a work of art.”

$2,139 in damages was far below the $2.8 million in damages the owner Yvon Lambert had originally requested – the full value of the painting.

He claimed it cost more than $45,000 to restore the work because the lipstick could not be easily removed.

During the trial, Sam stated continuously: “When I kissed it, I thought the artist would have understood,”

Cy Twombly has yet to comment……….

3 thoughts on “Cy Twombly gets paid for the kiss of death”

  1. Antonio N says:

    I’m glad someone took a step against the bigotry of the hermetic art world. I hope the right person exalts her ‘expression’ just like someone did with Duchamp’s urinal. I hate (and love) to think that Twombly goes home every night with millions in his pocket laughing at the fools behind their backs. “All-white.. ha ha,” he giggles as he nods his head in disbelief. I met a man at a gallery in Lexington who seemed to have eloped with Twombly, he loved him so much, because he had met the man, and because he was still curating a small, obscure Lexington gallery. 400 years from now, when they x-ray the layers of the Twombly paintings, they’ll find his grown-up writing, not his kid babble, shining through the layers, explaining his implicit cynicism.

  2. Richard says:

    Love Twombly or hate him, I fail to see how vandalizing the work of others strikes a blow against the Caucasian patriarchy of the art world. I think it is simply some art kid asshole doing petty stupid crap at the expense of others to try and get attention. Turns my stomach. The Guerrilla Girls are a good example of how to address some of the inequities in the art world, defacing paintings, not a good example, just BS. Instead of wrecking things read a book and be intelligent in your protest discourse.

  3. Phil says:

    They should have arrested Cy Twombly for the reasons that Mr. Antonio H explains in his post……

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