Artist Jeremy Blake missing, and his girlfriend has committed suicide

July 25, 2007 · Print This Article

In NYC, a filmmaker/games designer committed suicide last week. Her companion, a well-known contemporary abstract artist, has gone missing for 8 days and is presumed dead:


The filmmaker, Theresa Duncan, 40, who has also drawn attention for her writings on cultural topics, committed suicide in their East Village apartment on July 10, the police said. Her companion, Jeremy Blake, 35, a well-regarded artist known for digital animation that blurs the line between abstract painting and film, has been missing since his clothes were found on a beach in the Rockaways on Tuesday evening, they added.

Link to NYT story. Here’s a related item on Gothamist. Modern Art Notes has more, including word that the Corcoran will go forward with a planned exhibition of Blake’s work. Above: still from Jeremy Blake’s 14-minute DVD art piece “Sodium Fox,” 2005. Link to Theresa Duncan’s blog. (thanks, Coop, and Circuit Master)

5 thoughts on “Artist Jeremy Blake missing, and his girlfriend has committed suicide”

  1. CUCA says:

    what does this image has to do with this terrible tragic event????

  2. Balzac says:

    This never got answered and I too am mystified is there a tie-in here?

  3. Bill Dolan says:

    I believe that it’s a Jeremy Blake image.

  4. gangstalking says:

    It sounds like they might have been targets of something that is being called gang stalking.

    Gang stalking is a psychological attack that can completely destroy a persons life, while leaving little or no evidence to incriminate the perpetrators.

    If you want to learn more, just google the term. The being followed around, having the landlord contacted, the increasing isolation and apparent paranoia all fit the profile. If they were targets then this ending is sadly pretty common, especially for people that can’t prove that they are being targeted in this manner.

  5. T says:

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    5. Educate everybody before doing something stupid, well at least we know why you did what you did.

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