2006 US Art Acquisitions:Listed by Museum

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The Art Newspaper has released it’s annual report of US Museum acquisitions. You can read a complete list broken down by location here. For Chicago here are the 2006 purchases for the Art Institute & (not listed in the article) MCA.

-Fang reliquary head, Gabon, mid to late 19th century,
wood and copper, P.

-Triiptych icon with central image of the Virgin and Child,
Lasta, Ethiopia, late 17th century, reign of Iyassu I (1682-
1706), tempera on linen, mounted on wood and bound
with cord, P.

-Tiffany Studios, designed by Clara Driscoll, hanging head
Dragonfly lamp on mosaic and turtleback-tile base, around
1906, G and P.

-Couch-bed, China, late Ming to early Qing dynasty, 17th
century, huanghuali wood with woven mat seat, P.

-Jeff Koons,Woman in Tub, 1988, porcelain, partial and
promised G of Stefan T. Edlis Trust.

-Salvador Dalí, Venus de Milo with Drawers, 1936, plaster,
metal knobs and fur drawers, G of Mrs Gilbert W. Chapman.

-Nan Goldin, The Ballad of Sexual Dependency, 1981-87,
slideshow, P.
-Fireman’s coat, Japan, Early Meiji period (1868-1912),
late 19th century, cotton, plain weave, quilted and painted,
G of the James Tigerman Estate.

Museum of Contemporary Art

Bey, Dawoud
Carrie II

Cattelan, Maurizio

Elmgreen and Dragset,
Short Cut

Lockhart, Sharon
On Kawara: Whole and Parts, 1964 – 95, Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo, January 24 – April 5, 1998

Mik, Aernout

Neshat, Shirin

Schutte, Thomas
Ganz Grosse Geister (Big Spirits XL)

Stingel, Rudolf

Tan, Fiona

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