Whitney Biennial 2008? List Time!

November 30, 2007 · Print This Article

Sometime in the last couple of weeks the participant list was released for the 2008 Whitney Biennial. Wouldn’t you know it a couple of great Chicago oriented Artists are on the list!!! Our heart felt congratulations go out to Melanie Schiff and Amanda Ross-Ho!!! Please see the full list here.

Gallery showing that skips the pretense, Art you can drink

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Drink up the Art via Hannes Broecker

Yes, artist Hannes Broecker has taken the middle man out of the gallery opening and made Color Field art that you can drink. Telling visitors to “Drink Away the Art”

By hanging flat, glass containers with a variety of cocktails in the Dresden, Germany exhibition space complete with spouts and glassware, viewers were awash in color at the beginning of the night and when they were emptied basked in the company of pink elephants by the end.

New Packard Jennings Kiosks in SF

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Jennings/Lambert Image
Walking on San Francisco’s Market Street yesterday, I noticed that the public kiosks that regularly show the work of local artists had been changed. This most recent project is by Oakland-based artists Steve Lambert and Packard Jennings. As many of you may know, Jennings was a BAS interviewee during his residency at Chicago’s Threewalls last Spring.

For the project, Jennings and Lambert worked with a handful of architects, city planners, and transportation engineers to develop radical ideas that would improve the city. The result is a series of humorous 6′ x 4′ posters. One illustrates how the MUNI subway cars might be used to host a farmer’s market, spin class, a bar, or a dog park. I actually saw a few people laughing at them. There’s another poster that suggests that all city traffic be put underground, and one that proposes a roller-coaster-styled cable car.

The project is part of the ongoing Market Street Program, funded by San Francisco Arts Commission Gallery. All of the posters can be viewed here:

Stunning temples 100 feet below the surface of the Italian Alps

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Hall of the Earth: An amazing room built on the 'supernatural' visions of its creator
30 miles from the ancient city of Turin, lies the valley of Valchiusella. This is the place that Oberto Airaudi startted his excavations and painting in 1977. The temple complexes which were inspired by a childhood dream he had of human civilization at age 10 are so large that they could hold the volume of Big Ben twenty times over.

With the help of over 16 people and twenty years they built it to what it is today. Funding the construction with Oberto Airaudi’s (or Falco as he prefers to be called) income as an insurance broker and multiple local businesses that were set up.

After being investigated for tax evasion by the local police and them finally hearing about the temples they saw them, seized them and have finally opened them for public viewing.

The giant glass dome of the Hall of Mirrors

Read more and see aditional pictures here.

Episode 117: Amanda is back and you’re gonna be in trouble!

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Amanda Browder

Amanda is back and you’re gonna be in trouble, hey nah hey nah, Amanda’s back!!!

Amanda Browder and Nathan Rogers-Madsen talk New York.

Mike Benedetto reveals his Transformer wish.

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