Episode 87: Art-ver-bridge-opolis part 1

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As we recover from Sharkstock 2007 we diligently post Episode #87 the first installment of our team coverage of Artropolis, Version, Bridge, Sharkstock and a bunch of other cool stuff we went to in the last few days. Also prior to our soiree at Sonotheque we it Tony Fitzpatrick’s kickass opening at Architrove which was so crowded I nearly had a panic attack, I got to meet his Mom, who was utterly delightful. Paul Klein spent most of the fair weekend worried that we were stalking him as we were oddly on the exact same schedule at all times.

This weeks installment consists of a mix of stuff, next week we focus on interviews with gallerists and artists.

To top it all off special guest star Dolly Browder joins in!!!

The intro has a name mysteriously bleeped out. Cast your vote on our blog on who you think it was.

Team Browder reviews New InSight the exhibition of fancy-pants fresh young MFA’s curated by Susanne Ghez who, despite being a perfectly lovely person, steadfastly refuses to be on the show. C’mon Susanne we don’t bite!

Our first team coverage event: Team Queer (Terri, Serena, and Meg the war correspondent) and Team Fat White Guy (Duncan, Richard, Christopher Hudgens) get in the midst of combat with the “Carnival of art on the river” AKA “Art War 2007”. A member of the team is wounded in the line of duty. We intend to sue. Everyone. Edmar you are on notice.

Terri and Meg talk about Symposium C6 The Art World is Flat and how weirdly classist it seemed to be.

Duncan and Richard talk to William Dolan and Mark Staff-Brandl about The Artist Project and Bill makes a sale during our bit with him.

Richard talks to Michael Workman about being guillotined in effigy. Tom Burtonwood mourns the loss of his good friend Michael, but has already planned his ascendancy to the leadership of Bridge.

We wrap it all up with a discussion of Canadians drinking too much.

And this is just week 1. You should be paying us.
“This video is for Chris Sperandio Only”

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This just in: Merchandise Mart to purchase Armory show in New York.

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Still too early to tell the details but the talk at Art Chicago today has been circling the possible purchase of the New York Armory Show by the Merchandise Mart. More details to come as they arrive, stay tuned.

Episode 86: Hindman-Kimler-Workman

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THIS WEEK: Interviews with Leslie Hindman, Wesley “The Shark” Kimler, and Michael “Makes icky noises into the mic which I need to edit out” Workman.

Marc LeBlanc and Brian Andrews talk Los Angeles Galleries at 95 miles per hour.
ATTENTION ALL BAD AT SPORTS LISTENERS: Amanda’s Mom will be in Chicago next week! When you are at the various and sundry art fairs BE SURE to keep an eye out for Amanda and her Mom. She apparently has re-upped her restraining order against Duncan. YOU CAN MEET AMANDA’S MOM (who will autograph any body part you’d like) and meet us at the following shindig:

April 27, 2007
(Special guest starring Bad at Sports-we’d better be on the damn list)
Join Version and Lumpen and a cabal of artists and weirdos at
Sonotheque for an afterparty and celebration of our victory over the
forces of Artropolis.

9 pm – 2 am.
Performances by
Skarekrau Radio
Lemon Pretend

DJs Liz Armstrong
and Rand Sevilla

Free Svedka vodka drinks til 10 pm. $10 cover.

NOTE: I was contacted via e-mail (sent what is essentially a cease and desist) by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission. I was informed that as Duncan is a Canadian artist and is working in the media, he, and thereby Bad at Sports are governed by the standards and practices of Section 3 of the Canadian National Broadcasting Act and we were deficient in our quota of MAPL (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Canadian_content#How_the_MAPL_system_works I had to look it up) based Canadian content in the program. Hence this week’s music cues, in case you were wondering.


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Claude’s BS Artist Statement of the Week

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New York artist, Wangechi Mutu, says:

“My work embodies the questions beneath identity ‘loss’ and crisis; origin and ownership of cultural signifiers become unsettling and dubious terrain. The work describes the beauty and survival capabilities of the human imagination which outlives assaulted cultures, transplantation, exile and shifts in philosophical paradigms.”

-Claude Willey

2006 US Art Acquisitions:Listed by Museum

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The Art Newspaper has released it’s annual report of US Museum acquisitions. You can read a complete list broken down by location here. For Chicago here are the 2006 purchases for the Art Institute & (not listed in the article) MCA.

Fang reliquary head, Gabon, mid to late 19th century,
wood and copper, P.

Triiptych icon with central image of the Virgin and Child,
Lasta, Ethiopia, late 17th century, reign of Iyassu I (1682-
1706), tempera on linen, mounted on wood and bound
with cord, P.

Tiffany Studios, designed by Clara Driscoll, hanging head
Dragonfly lamp on mosaic and turtleback-tile base, around
1906, G and P.

-Couch-bed, China, late Ming to early Qing dynasty, 17th
century, huanghuali wood with woven mat seat, P.

-Jeff Koons,Woman in Tub, 1988, porcelain, partial and
promised G of Stefan T. Edlis Trust.

-Salvador Dalí, Venus de Milo with Drawers, 1936, plaster,
metal knobs and fur drawers, G of Mrs Gilbert W. Chapman.

-Nan Goldin, The Ballad of Sexual Dependency, 1981-87,
slideshow, P.
-Fireman’s coat, Japan, Early Meiji period (1868-1912),
late 19th century, cotton, plain weave, quilted and painted,
G of the James Tigerman Estate.

Museum of Contemporary Art

Bey, Dawoud
Carrie II

Cattelan, Maurizio

Elmgreen and Dragset,
Short Cut

Lockhart, Sharon
On Kawara: Whole and Parts, 1964 – 95, Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo, January 24 – April 5, 1998

Mik, Aernout

Neshat, Shirin

Schutte, Thomas
Ganz Grosse Geister (Big Spirits XL)

Stingel, Rudolf

Tan, Fiona