New Art Czar to bring Money Back to Chicago Schools, In Talks With Drug Czar

September 5, 2006 · Print This Article

New art czar, David Roche, has been hired to turn the public school art crisis around. The funding for the arts is so bad that his own pay is a byproduct of donations from a committee made up of CPS, local arts and philanthropic representatives.

Mr. Roche has stated plans to create a “No Child Left Behind” in the arts which conjures all sorts of odd images.

Images that the children will draw in crayon durring their 8 min art classes each school day. Think pictures of sad children with sad houses under a sad green sky with factories off in the distance that pour smoke day and night made from the burning of art, childrens dreams & unicorns, yes unicorns with rainbow manes.

I wish him all the luck possible with this new position and have started the stopwatch counting the minutes till he leaves for a better job where they have things called “budgets” “money” & “hope”.

One thought on “New Art Czar to bring Money Back to Chicago Schools, In Talks With Drug Czar”

  1. David_Roth says:

    I hope the program’s more successful than the national thing, which is better known as “No Child’s Behind Left.”

    If the local program’s anything like the national program we’ll have 7-year-olds drawing “Love Is” and “Ziggy” cartoons, only the characters will be amputee veterans.

    Rotsa Ruck Mr. Roche.

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