This week Richard, Duncan, Brian and Meg the-sexy-single-lesbian-intern talk to one of the Seven Most Important Curators, Hamza Walker. We talk about everything under the sun from Neal Adams to Duncan being a “dour Canadian”.


Brian Andrews and Marc LeBlanc talk about galleries in San Francisco and make fun of us Midwesterners for living in the cold. Those assholes.


TUESDAY: Live recording with Kerry James Marshall
SATURDAY: Art media pancake breakfast

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Lisa Yuskavage
Marie Antoinette by Sofia Coppola
Richard Tuttle
Hirsch Perlman
Jeanne Dunning
Tony Tasset
Arturo Herrera
Corey McCorkle
Helen Mirra
Marc LeBlanc
49 Geary St. San Francisco
Jack Hanley Gallery
Donald Urquhart
Fraenkel Gallery
Eleanor Harwood Gallery
Emily Prince
Adobe Books
Suitable Gallery
Standard Gallery
Gary Hill
Martin Puryear
James Welling
Kavi Gupta Gallery
Chris Johanson
Christopher Garrett
Raymond Pettibon
Carrie Secrist Gallery
Kim Keever
Josiah McElheny
Donald Young Gallery
Martin Kippenberger
Suzanne Ghez
Flash Art
Anne Rorimer
Bruce Nauman
Eva Hesse
Sol LeWitt
Jean Arp
Jeff Koons
Robert Gober
Haim Steinbach
Ghost World
Art School Confidential
Michelangelo Buonarroti
Paul Beatty
Raymond Pettibon
Benjamin H.D. Buchloh
Andy Warhol
W Magazine

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