Episode 54: Kick off 2006!

September 10, 2006 · Print This Article

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Amanda and Richard talked to loads of folks in the Peoria Street area for the 2006-2007 season kick off, maybe even you! Lots of people you know or have heard of get drunk and say embarrassing things! Awesome!

Also, Brian Andrews sets the world straight on how totally fucking stupid Burning Man is. MTV owns you, you sad, sad west-coasters who have more money than imagination, fuck the pre-packaged and throw your own damn party.

Damn, the Touch and Go party was mind blowing.

Rhona Hoffman Gallery
Dominic Molon
Tony Tasset
Judy Ledgerwood
Giola Gallery
Jeffrey Forsythe
Peter Miller Gallery
Laurie Hogin
Rhona Hoffman Gallery
Kehinde Wiley
Walsh Gallery
Heri Dono
Susan Gescheidle
Monique Meloche Gallery
Laura Mosquera
Diane Christiansen
Edward Hicks
Brian Taylor
Julia Marsh
Michael Workman
Tiny Hairs
Charlie King
Scott Speh
Jeanne Dunning
Teena Mcclelland
Deb Sokolow
Wendy Cooper Gallery
Aline Bouvy / John Gillis
John McKinnon
Terri Griffith
40000 Gallery
Josh Mannis
Svedka Vodka
Bodybuilder and Sportsman Gallery
Shannon Stratton
Three Walls
Anne Wilson
Ellen Rothenberg
Mike Wolf
Tony White
Scott Fife
Mark Booth
Bucket Rider Gallery
Amy Mayfield
Ika Knezevic
Hyde Park Art Center, Allison Peters and Chuck Thurow
Burning Man
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10 thoughts on “Episode 54: Kick off 2006!”

  1. jen lopez says:

    Dear Brian,
    Don’t think we have ever met but, when and if we do I will shake your hand and buy you a round.
    Burning Man has only evolved into a descriptive i.e “She is very Burning Man” or “it sucked but, they would be into it at Burning Man.” You are a wise man to have saved your stipend for the trip. Go buy yourself something nice.

  2. Hudgens says:

    Since when have we been giving Stipends?

    I thought he got a 3 year old Rand McNally map, a pack of Bubblicious’ Lebron’s Lightning Lemonade gum and a message that said good luck.

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  4. Bill Dolan says:

    Highlights for me on the season opener…

    Architech Gallery — Early 20th century drawings by Burnham, Root and others. They also had elevation blueprints of Marshall Field’s on the eve of the changeover to Macy’s.

    Thomas Robertello Gallery — Something in braille written on one wall out of two-way mirror globes from security cameras and the word “Kampf” made up of magnetic ribbons stolen off of the backs of cars.

    Linda Warren — Slipping Glimpser installation reminded me of a project in sculpture class where the object was to create a roller coaster device where a ball bearing would roll through it for a specified length of time, only this was gallery size and with bowling balls. It was cool that they had plenty of Goose Island, brewed just up Fulton Street.

    Speaking of Fulton Street, does anybody remember when they used to drag race on Fulton, before the city would open the fire hydrants on the weekends?

  5. Hudgens says:

    Did everyone have to do that Marble in Motion for a specified length of time project in Sculpture year 1? If so did anyone really get alot out of it? What was your solution?

  6. I didn’t even get that. Bubbalicious would have been nice.

    “I corresponded for bad at spots and all I got was this lousy t -shirt.”

    That’s not a joke. Really, all I’ve gotten is a T-shirt. (Although it’s not that lousy.)

    It’s all about the love people.


  7. Bill Dolan says:

    “Did everyone have to do that Marble in Motion for a specified length of time project in Sculpture year 1? If so did anyone really get alot out of it? What was your solution?”

    Yes. We were given a specific area dimension that the sculpture fit within and a length of time that the marble had to take to get through the device. Through a series of roller coaster-type chutes, elevators and anything else one could think of, the time had to be exact. The materials were balsa wood as these were relatively small.

    The project was more or less an introduction to using engineering and the importance of craft. This meant planning it all out before actually doing the work and making sure tolerances were adhered to. One could find an aesthetic beauty in a well-crafted and engineered device.

    I don’t think that anyone succeeded in meeting the time requirement. I believe most were too fast, while in at least one case, the ball got stuck in the middle.

  8. Hudgens says:

    I did the same project as a first year also and thought it was so odd that I never imagined that it would be a universal lesson plan.

    My solution was to put the marble in a casket and show the marble via a series of mirrors which would pivot and make the image on the final mirror appear to look as if it was moving for the specified 60 seconds.

    I just never imagined anyone else would go through a project like that willingly hahaha.

  9. Bill Dolan says:

    That’s really cool!

    Mine, like the rest of them was a roller coaster. I think mine took about half the required time. I can’t remember how we were graded since everyone failed, some sort of curve, I guess.

  10. Will the real Jeanne Dunning please step forward!

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