Episode 53: Tony Tasset

September 4, 2006 · Print This Article

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Tony Tasset, what a damn nice guy.

This week we visited the Tasset/Ledgerwood studio-fortress complex. We drove in a rented Humvee for hours into the jungle and were ushered in by the armed guard.

The interview is not to be missed. The outro to this show has a special cameo by Dominic Molon.





Tony Tasset
Wesley Kimler
Judy Ledgerwood
Lane Relyea
Gaylen Gerber
The Renaissance Societ
Capuchin Monks
Maurizio Catalan
Richard Serra
Duane Hanson
Catherine Opie
The Suburban
Paul Bunyan
Tom Friedman
Marcel Duchamp
Dominic Molon
Ken Fandell
Panel House

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9 Responses to “Episode 53: Tony Tasset”

  1. Is the bone chandelier going to be UL Listed?

  2. I don’t think that he has got a list for it but it looked like he was using plastic and epoxy and probably won’t have a problem.

  3. BAS folks …… you forgot the link to the Nathan Manilow Sculpture Park ….. cool place. Great in the fall with the cooler weather and fall colors. You should find out when the event for Mr. Tasset’s sculture takes place. I would be willing to drive and can take 2-4 (squeezed) people ……
    “Road Trip…..”

    The two di Suveros’ alone are worth the trip ….. the man is a beast!!!


    Sculpture park link:


  4. by the way …… you can get to the park by taking the Metra electric line to University Park; end of the line. The park is a short walk (east?) from the train station ……


  5. Yes, it was featured in last Friday’s Trib as part of the “End of the (Metra) Line” series and included a picture of the Paul Bunyan sculpture in the printed version (Tempo section).

    Nice piece! it kind of reminded me of the creepy Burger King.

    The online version of the Trib article (registration required):

  6. Tasset was a gradeschool fashion Jesus. Wore blue platform shoes with white soles.
    Wasted youth?

  7. Am I God (The Dogma Remixes)…


  8. ford industrial tractor loaders…


  9. Richard Holland Says:

    We miss Amanda!

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