Episode 39: Lane Relyea part deux!

May 27, 2006 · Print This Article

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Lane Relyea is back for more mirth, music, and mayhem

What is the future of art criticism? What is wrong with art students today?

Are we too hung up on artist from the 80’s?

Are you wrong for holding a day job? Is Pollock mainstream?

Is Death Cab for Cutie lame compared to the Postal Service? Why is Lane so hung up on ties?

Is Amanda pregnant? Does Richard have three weeks to live? Will Duncan ever be allowed to use the mic?

All of these questions and so much more talked about in this action packed sequel to Episode 32.

Gaylen Gerber
Jeanne Dunning
Judy Ledgerwood
Tony Tasset
Lane Relyea
Michelle Grabner
Barnett Newman
Death Cab for Cutie
Postal Service
Iron and Wine
Cat Power
Elliot Smith
Kurt Varnedoe
Nicholas Serota
Jackson Pollack
Van Gogh
Eva Hesse
Felix Gonzalez Torres
Donald Judd
Carolee Schneemann
Marlon Brando
Tennesse Williams
Franz Kline

Robert Smithson
Rikrit Tiravanija
Dave HickeyBAT
Wolfgang Tillmans
Laura Owens
David Salle
Hal Foster
Rosalind Krauss
Craig Owens
Douglas Crimp
Tom Lawson
Eric Fischl
Douglas Huebler
John Baldessari
Brett Bloom

One thought on “Episode 39: Lane Relyea part deux!”

  1. Gina Beavers says:

    I think we have reached a point in art practice, where we feel this double edged sword, the more innovative and out there we are, the more we feel like we’re just making something that’s going to be co-opted by Urban, etc. so your choices are either that Cologne era hang out fest where you make little art, or you just give in and make art that feeds the machine…

    Maybe the answer is to shadow the machine……..I have no idea what that means….

    Re: the Chicago professors. Doesn’t the ‘primativist,’ individualistic, anything goes philosophy of alot of the artists who studied in Chicago recently fly in the face of the conceptual work of Gaylen, etc.?

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