Come And See Us Live!!!

September 11, 2006 · Print This Article

Thursday, September 14, 6pm
Chicago Cultural Center, 1st Floor Garland Room
78 E. Washington Street., Chicago

Artists and cultural producers discuss how their podcasts, forums, blogs and festivals are bringing new intimacy and openness to Chicago’s art scene. Panelists include: Richard Holland, Duncan MacKenzie, Amanda Browder from Bad at Sports; Ed Marszewski from Lumpen, Version and Select Media Festival; David Roth and Wesley Kimmler from Shark Forum.

7 thoughts on “Come And See Us Live!!!”

  1. Oli says:

    Do you have a P.O. Box address, or any address where I can send something?


  2. David_Roth says:

    I thought you guys were flippin’ BRILLIANT.

  3. Thanks for using my cartoon. I am FLIPPING out waiting to hear what you guys said! Will there be podcast? It must have been fun. Next time I’ll be there somehow!

  4. David_Roth says:

    Next time we can set your action figure on the desk and pipe in some taped responses.

    I think the CAR web site will feature a podcast of the thing.


  5. Great about the CAR podcast. (The action figure would be good too! Maybe I could find add a pull string speech box.) I love David’s and Wesley’s discussions, so would enjoy hearing them speaking impromtu, but I have also become quite enamored of the BAS approach, especially their self-deprecating humor, that and the fact that I know next to nothing about the other participants makes me want to hear it. If not a podcast, then maybe some kind of copy of a recording (such as the CAA did of my speech and so on)? Keep it up you people! Exciting!

  6. Dan says:

    so, there was a question of criticality at the conference, proposed by the moderator Allison Peters…
    And I wondered what the positions of each of the panelists was on this subject…since it seeme to be avoided in a sense. The notion of a critical forum for discussion of art, and the levels to which it aspired, seems paramount to the idea of these podcast/websites, or do they toe the line at a liminal space between that and self-promotion? Is this a “drunken bar coversation” or something more tangible?
    A record of all this is being put down, but what are we saying about it, rather than “that sucks” or “that rocks”. Next question: “WHY does it “suck/rock”?

  7. David_Roth says:

    I’ll be happy to weigh in on that Dan, but at another time.

    Are you BAS guys and gals going to post the recording of the panel?

    And one more thing – thanks to Duncan I now know the meaning of the word “limnal.”

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